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GetRanko is the online free complete website analysis tool which stipulates genuine information and statistics about worth of website, Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Traffic Report, Number of indexed pages in search engines, SEO Health, SEOMoz Analysis, Majestic SEO Report, WhoIS Information and whole lot more data collected from different sources. If you are from non-technical background and wondering what each of these stats meant, here is the quick overview of each of them.

Google Page Rank referred as Google PR is the one way out of many through which Google estimates the importance of web page. Pages with higher page rank are considered more important, it varies from 0-10. Few tools online may provide you wrong PR information when malicious website redirects to a high PR site for particular point. Our highly advanced analysis tool validates the PR by analysis backlink structure.

From June 2016 onwards, we have introduced pretty amazing web ranking analysis tools which help you determine the Seach Engine Traffic, Ads Traffic, Improved Backlinks Analysis and much more. We have compiled all the best web ranking analysis from Compete.com Visitor Trend & Bounce Trend, SEMRush.com Search Engine Traffic / Ads Traffic and Costs, Majestic.com backlinks and referring domains. All analysis report in one place.

Top Expensive Websites
# Domain Name ($) Worth
1 plus.google.com http://www.plus.google.com $ 43,542,256,181
2 tumblr.com http://www.tumblr.com $ 27,674,509,654
3 joomlacode.org http://www.joomlacode.org $ 21,893,679,310
4 sourceforge.net http://www.sourceforge.net $ 17,985,188,902
5 ria.ru http://www.ria.ru $ 17,871,436,894
6 flickr.com http://www.flickr.com $ 17,759,579,639
7 brasil.gov.br http://www.brasil.gov.br $ 17,671,268,364
8 allegro.pl http://www.allegro.pl $ 17,368,744,670
9 mgid.com http://www.mgid.com $ 16,751,902,568
10 soundcloud.com http://www.soundcloud.com $ 16,750,346,118
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