50 SEO Keywords for Photography

I have come across many people who are searching to promote their photography business with putting right keywords in their photography articles. Well if you are a good photographer and you are uploading your pictures to your blog or portfolio and not giving it some content is like making a bread and then don't eat and let it rot.

First you have to decide whether you will just put it on Flickr, Facebook pages or you will get your own domain/website for it. Both are totally different things, putting on other websites like Facebook, Flickr and online image storage websites will make your profile online to be view-able by millions of people, but this should be your 2nd step. Your first and initial step should be getting your own website. Uploading your work, make a portfolio, put some gallery and then share your work online on social media websites. Now the catch for this is that you can have started to get some visitors on your website directly. It will become a brand of you, which you can lead on making a company.

Yes, giving it a proper heading and using the right keywords in the content make the best juice for your photography. People can then easily search your work on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or other popular search engines, because now they can read what the photography is about.

Here is some of the Photography related keywords which you can use while writing articles, or indirectly what people are interested in searching on Search Engines.

1 photography
2 photography digital
3 photography cameras
4 photography digital cameras
5 digital video photography
6 cameras and photography
7 photography art
8 art or photography
9 photography film
10 photography digital and video
11 photography canon
12 photography accessories
13 wedding photography
14 slr photography
15 photography lenses
16 photography equipment
17 canon digital photography
18 canon photography cameras
19 35mm photography
20 love photography
21 photography darkroom
22 photography software
23 photography darkroom equipment
24 vintage photography
25 studio photography
26 stock photography
27 photography filters
28 photography black
29 nikon photography
30 editing photography software
31 digital photography software
32 digital photography editing software
33 digital photography editing
34 35mm slr photography
35 tamarindo wedding photography costa rica
36 35mm film photography
37 digital photography accessories
38 photography camera lenses
39 photography costa rica
40 wedding photography costa rica
41 white photography
42 photography books
43 photography binoculars
44 digital photography memory
45 camera for photography
46 black white photography
47 slr digital photography
48 slr camera photography
49 sensual female photography
50 photography lighting

As you know Search Engine bots are stupid in terms of reading the content inside the image, but Search Engines are working hard on making some Algorithms to check the alike images, which Google has so far managed to Search by uploading an image and you can search alike image using Google Chrome.

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