6 Biggest Mistakes in SEO: A Guide for Beginners

There is a variety of opinions about SEO. Many of the people think that it is dead while other people believe that it the chief factor for success on the web. It is an ordinary fact that people do make a mistake when attempting something for the first time. Moreover, also, the proverb that “Practice makes men perfect.” This saying applies to SEO as well. Experience helps you attain perfection. You cannot know about a mistake unless you do not do it. This article presents a guide for newbie practitioners to avoid the significant errors in SEO.

Not Knowing What They Don’t Know

The success in any discipline depends on a golden rule: continuous education and efforts lead you toward success. Someone who wants to excel in a discipline will never give up. The same rule applies to SEO.

This strategy is even of more importance for SEO. As for ranking, Google makes use of algorithms. These algorithms keep on getting better and are continuously updated. So if practitioners stick to only particular algorithm things will not work out the way they should. Also with each passing year, the trends are continuously shifted.

Keep yourself updated about the changes Google made. These changes are documented. You can keep yourself up to date using these documents.

Beginners that are going to step in SEO should do a lot of search on the internet from the authentic sources. These sources can be helpful in aiding the beginners to know about ranking criteria on search engines.  Get yourself fully trained about what will be beneficial for you and what will go against you?

The link below gives the complete guide about questions experts asks readily from beginners.



Address issues correctly

When things are not going well, then do specify the right reasons for such failures. It is entirely possible that failure is occurring because of you. So in case give the proper description to the users about the inability to gain their trust. Also, if the failure happens because of you, then you must explain that to the client as well. If there are issues, then be honest about them.

When questions come then, you must handle them timely. Instead of just waiting for the consequences. If the same problem persists, then you must change your strategy to overcome the issues. Do not get yourself stuck to the old methods. You cannot stick to something ordinary and expects that results will be extraordinary. There is also the difference of merits between you and Google. You may think that something is of value and help you gain better ranking, but at the same time, Google has opposite perspective about the same thing. As a consequence, you’ll be panelized by Google.

Not addressing the chief problems for improvement

Sometimes efforts are being put to the pages that do not help you grab a good ranking. Restrain yourself from focusing on such pages. Put your efforts to your best. Some of the practices are given below.

Be as close to content as possible

As you are actions directly influence your clients you do have certain responsibilities as well. Your website may be captivating and highly visually appealing. However, your content is informative and does not reflect the deep knowledge. These factors will not allow you to grab the audience with you for the longer period.

Waiting for the consequences

Most of the time there are no precautionary measures taken unless a major disaster occurs. Most people do not give importance to security measures. Their major focus is just to complete their system and deploys it.

It is usually known about SEO that it takes the proper time to bring benefits. However, it should not take forever. If you are not getting the results after much wait, then you should probably focus or even change your strategies. You should keep an eye on your strategies and tactics.

Apart from client other factors are important as well

SEO practitioners just focus on grabbing the customers and thereby want to increase the traffic rate for their website. However if they give a little more attention to some factors, then they will able to bind the audience to their site for a longer period. Like if some more cost and extra time are given they can improve their business and ratings. Keep trying your best to satisfy your clients.


Like beginners are likely to make more mistakes in any field. Likewise, SEO newbie practitioners will be making more mistakes. If you want to sustain in business and also want to leave a good impression, then you have to do continuous endeavours.

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