Tips to Rank Above the Fold in SEO

There is a variety of different views are encountered about SEO. Some people think that it is dead while other believe that it plays a keys role to earn you grace over the web. Things have changed a lot on SEO. There are complete mysteries about the fact that how search engines are continuously changing and modifying their algorithms. Despite all the algorithmic changes one thing has remained the same which is that algorithms are getting better and smarter, search engines have been improving their algorithms continuously.


Enter Google Hummingbird

Google is the most popular search engine these days and is involved in producing the overall best optimization results. The term optimization refers to how closer search results are to the users original target. With each of the modification brought to algorithms focus more on thinking like the users so the users must have satisfactory results in response to their queries. With Hummingbird, Google focuses more on become a human to gain the consent of the users with the delivery of best possible results.


Measures of “Good User Experience.”

Regardless of the using the advances, technologies algorithms, and other such tactics by the end of the day your all focus lies on the users need. We are much more concerned about what they want from search engines. To test that you are meeting the demands of the users and are coming up with their expectations there must be different measures should be taken. Some of them are given below.


All the things these days are changing at much faster rate. People hardly wait for two to three minutes for the pages to load and if it does not load they simply close the tab. In a recent survey by TagMan, 3 out of 5 users reported that poor site performance makes them less likely to return to a site.


The term “above the fold” means that to mean above the scroll down the line. In the web pages where too much of the content is present, users find it boring scrolling down the pages. The things become even worse when the users scroll the page, and some pop up is being linked with it. Peep Laja, a former keynote speaker at the popular digital marketing conference SearchLove, noted that, despite living in a more scroll-oriented world, content above the fold still grabs approximately 80% of our attention.


Make navigation of your website simple and fast. If the user has to look on the site map to extract the information from your website then it is a poor approach. The use of different buttons can make the navigation simple and faster. On average, if it takes four or more clicks to access the desired information then this is too many clicks.


Despite the fact that what user are doing on the web they are completely and firmly fed up of the unnecessary pop-ups. You being the owner of a website must visit it as a user to evaluate the number of pop-ups that occur and also the number of Ads you have to go through for reaching the desired information. If this figure is beyond the limit, then you must simplify it. 70% of Americans reported getting annoyed by irrelevant pop-ups.


In the past few years, the desktop communication was considered the standard. In 2015, searches have shown that mobile traffic became more than the desktop. People are now more comfortable with using mobile phones. Google has also announced that in this year the equal rates of mobile and desktop traffic were observed. This trend will continue in 2016 and will increase with even more rapid speed. Google is claiming that a desktop-specific site is not necessary. This reflects their commitment to a “mobile” experience across all types of devices. All such changes increase the need of launching a complete mobile friendly website.


Think from the perspective of the user before publishing your content. You must do the whole search about how users are going to put up the queries on the search engines and then design your content accordingly. The users look for the quality content from which they can benefit themselves. Moreover, make sure that despite the size of the screen to be displayed the content should be display quickly. After you achieved this goal, there is no more need to worry about the term “Good user experience” as you have provided your user with this already.

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