Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Makes Website Faster

As we have already mentioned in some previous articles that Google is striving to make the web more secure and faster for mobile phones and also has included mobile-friendliness as a factor to rank websites. Google has taken this mobile friendliness to the next level. Google launched Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project to make the sites faster to access. Accelerated mobile page project is a unique project which helps the website owners and bloggers to optimise their websites for better and quicker mobile experience. With the help of AMP project, the sites load instantly on a mobile device.

What is AMP and how it works?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)is an open initiative project which helps the website owners to increase the speed of the site. Accelerated mobile pages project helps publishers to improve the mobile web experience for users. AMP has three essential parts:

How to AMP your site:

If you want to use AMP, you will have to maintain two versions of your site; one version (the original one) which the users typically see and the other is the AMP version of the site. The AMP version of the website needs modifications to be detected by Google. Details for changes are available on the AMP project’s official website.

It is to be noted that AMP does not support third-party JavaScript and other form elements. This means that you cannot have on-site comments and some other elements which you used to have on the original version of the site. Moreover, you might also have to rewrite the CSS template to adjust to the restrictions in AMP. There are different extensions which should be used if you want to use multimedia or custom fonts in AMP sites.

To use a custom font; a particular amp-font extension is used. This extension helps to speed up the loading of the website. Multimedia including images, GIFs and videos are loaded with special extensions which help in faster loading of the sites. To load images into an AMP site, a unique amp-img extension is to be used and for GIFs, the element amp-anim extended component is used. Videos also have custom tag amp-video which should be used to load videos. However, for YouTube videos, the tag amp-youtube is to be used.

Why use AMP?

AMP makes websites load faster which can be very beneficial for:

Ad control – AMP provides better ad control to the publishers. Ad control means that Google will provide basic functionalities to publishers such as to give publishers control over ad placing or to give support for multiple demand resources and formats.

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