Best ON-Page SEO Techniques of 2016

So, you own a website and want to learn about SEO?

You have landed on the right page. I will show you how you can do SEO for your website to make it rank better on Google and other search engines. However, first, you should learn what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it means how to optimize your website to rank better. SEO is widely used by the web developers to rank better.

SEO is divided into two parts; one is an on-page optimization, and the other is off-page optimization. On-page optimization includes optimizing tags, titles, internal links, keywords and URL’s while off-page deals with the backlinks.


Best ON-Page SEO Techniques of 2016 1


This article will focus basically on on-page SEO techniques that you can use to rank better on search engines. I am not going to dive deep into how you can do the technical things over here, but just to guide you what you can do and why you should do.

Different techniques are given below:

The first thing to optimize on your web page is to write quality and easy to understand the content. Content is the key to better optimization as if the user does not find the content easy to understand, he/she is more likely to bounce from the site increasing the bounce rate of your site which is not good for your site. Although the content needs to be easy to understand, the quality of the content should not be compromised. Quality is the best ranking factor that Google uses. So, if you want to do SEO of your site, you must make sure that the content on your website is of good quality and easy to understand.

Gone are the days when a 500-word article was enough to make readers stay on the page. In this fast growing world, the needs for the readers have changed. Now readers demand long articles and like to read longer content. In today’s world, the minimum word count of any article should be around 800 words.

Now this is a separate topic in itself, but try to use long-tail keywords in your content and headings, because getting the keyword traffic is the hardest thing to rank in search engines. However, what people search is totally a different scenario, they don't search for SEO, they search for SEO Services in Neywork, SEO Agency in New York or SEO Agency in New York Contact etc. These are some examples of Long-Tail Keywords.

Keyword optimization is a major factor which Google uses for ranking purposes. Keyword optimization means that you should use keywords in your articles or blog posts. However, the use of keywords should not be excessive as described by Google. You should use keywords wisely and do not stuff the article with keywords.

The title of your page should include the keyword. This is a basic strategy which is used by writers to increase the visibility of their articles. Make sure that your title includes your primary keyword. It plays a major role in keyword optimization.

Meta descriptions are those that describe what the article or blog entails. You should also add keywords to you Meta description. This increases the visibility of your article or website and is used by Google as a ranking factor. So, you should make sure that your Meta description is unique and includes primary keyword in it.

Images are a great way through which you can make your content more attractive. Always add images in your articles or blog posts to increase the visibility of your web page. However, remember if you use images, you should also optimize the image to load faster. The slow loading can have a bad impact on the ranking of your website.

Internal links are very useful to increase the traffic on your website. If you internally link your webpage to another webpage on your article, readers are more likely to stay on the website or blog for a longer time increasing the Dwell time which is good for ranking purposes. You should use internal links in your articles or blog posts to rank better.

Last year, Google started penalizing websites that were not mobile friendly because more and more people are shifting from laptops and computers towards mobile phones. This shift causes Google to realize that more people are accessing the internet through mobile phones, and there is a need for mobile friendly websites, So, Google started using this mobile friendly feature as a ranking factor. You should use the most responsive design for your website to increase the mobile-friendliness of the website. This can help your website to rank on top.

The last but not the least on-page optimization technique is to enable social sharing feature in your article or blog. Social networks are the most popular trends in today’s world, and more and more people are using social networks these days. Social sharing can increase your reach to readers. You can make your website more visible by enabling social sharing on your website or blog.

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