Beware of Shady Link Schemes from Black-Hat SEOs

All of us receive uncalled email. The majority of them are considered as to be spam. We make a decision without having a look to them.

Tony Edwards, a columnist, came up with an article on this topic. He discusses one of his clients. His client got an unsolicited email from a person named Nicholas Salmons. The email was about a business offer on This offer was tied to do-follow link with a fee of $550. Mail also stated that Nicholas is the only marketer who is giving such service at an affordable rate. Below is the screen shot of this email.

Beware of Shady Link Schemes from Black-Hat SEOs 1

Edwards’s client forwarded mail to him for advice. He like all the conventional SEO’s advised his client not to go with this offer. The reason being that it was against quality guidelines set by Google. Google refers this approach as spammy link-building. Moreover, this linking can affect site ranking poorly.

Do not get flattered by “too good to be true” SEO offers

Though spammy link building schemes appear to be attractive, however in actual, they can cause severe harm to your search engine ranking. These schemes are deliberated as the means of fooling search engine Algorithms.

Now, if a bad quality content is grabbing you high ranking then what can be the reason for this? Probably they have overall high quality of backlinks.

Despite having a high rank your users will not be satisfied. So what is the point of having such ranking? Not only users but also Google prefers high-quality content. Moreover, your aim should be to satisfy both your users as well as Google.

Despite so many updates released by Google under Penguin algorithm backlinking is still in practice these days. Many companies like JC Penney and Overstock have suffered because of spammy link building.

Penalties for spammy link building

Two types of penalties are for spammy link building that can affect your website. Both of them are as follows.

This penalty occurs when because of algorithm update your site ranking is affected. Alternatively, your site loses its ranking. Just like what happened with Penguin algorithm update.

Beware of Shady Link Schemes from Black-Hat SEOs 2

How to remove it?

If you want to save yourself from this penalty, then you should remove all the spammy backlinks. Apart from this, you should also disown any spammy backlinks.

A manual penalty is something you should fear about. However, it is not as bad as algorithm penalty. This penalty can remove your site or some of the pages to be deleted from Google indexing altogether. Google spam team checks your backlinks and put this penalty on your site in case of violation.


How to remove it?

If you want to get rid of this penalty, then you have to disown and remove all the back link. After this, you have to submit a reconsideration request. This process has no time limit. It can take from weeks to months.

According to John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trend Analyst, one should not make link building a focal point. As it will bring you more harm than the good, it can. This saying puts emphasis on the fact that backlinks can be earned naturally. You do not have to make efforts for it by yourself.


How to earn natural inbound links?

The key to earning natural inbound links is the quality content. Webmasters and SEO’s point of focus should be to craft content that is appealing, easily linkable and shareable as well.

SEOs perspective

For SEO’s the above statement is debatable. Because for ranking linking is among the main factors. That is the reason why everyone focuses on linking so much. Small business is unable to get many links due to PR of big businesses.


What should be done about linking?

Certain link building strategies are according to Google guidelines. Moreover, they do not disrupt guidelines. Some of them are given below.

Find out the websites that are citing you. However, they do not have a link to your site. You can ask them to include a link to your website. Offering incentives and demanding for specific anchor text will violate Goggle’s guidelines.

Find out the sites that are currently mentioning your rivalries. Go to them and ask them for your link as well. Offering incentives and demanding for specific anchor text will violate Goggle’s guidelines.

To make your content reach a wider audience make use of powerful platforms such as Taboola, OutBrain, and Facebook. These platforms can bring you natural inbound links.

Social sharing

To earn organic exposure be sure that your content is shared on social media platforms. These platforms should be such that they can bring natural links to you.

Author: Sidra Aleem

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