Bing Developers Access to the API Knowledge Graph

Extended version of the service quick answers Bing Snapshots begin delivering information corresponding contextual search in any application installed on All Android Devices. Thus, Bing will own its new version of the service Google Now on Tap for devices Android.

Users will need to upgrade or install Bing. After that, new features will begin to run in the background without the need to go to our search engine or run the application. Bing "reads" the content on any screen application and submit relevant additional information on demand. This means that users will get answers and advanced content without leaving the app.

Bing Developers Access to the API Knowledge Graph 1

Users, such as applications for travelers, messenger or Instagram can cause Bing Snapshots, hold down the "home key". After that Bing will show the user more information on a given topic. In some cases there will be transactional buttons or links. During the discussion, such as restaurants, reviews and users will see the button to reserve a table. In addition to holding the button "home", users can also initiate in the Bing search app, swiping up (as in Google Now).

Bing developers believe that innovation is part of the evolution of search, when the contextual responses are delivered to the right place, and do not require users to exit the application you are using to search, which in my point of view is a must have part. Because of this the owners of Android devices will not need to use a search engine the usual way.

The new features will help the developers to use the new Bing API, which brings together the knowledge and actions of the graph directly into their applications. This will give developers access to billions of people, places and things, information about which Bing accumulated and indexed.

The new API will be available this fall. It is not clear how integration of Bing API will be presented and branded applications. But developers will be available direct integration and advanced features, answers and action through knowledge graph Bing. According to Bing, Google does not give access to its "storehouse of knowledge" to developers or by any third parties.

Bing attracted developers for Android as part of a broader strategy development tools, softwares and Microsoft products for users of Android and IOS, as its Windows Phone OS popularity has not achieved. Cortana is also available for Android; but it is more common search experience.

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