.htaccess Cheatsheet | .htaccess Tricks You Must Know

This is not a manual, here you can find the most commonly used .htaccess settings, a kind of help collection.

Why do I need .htaccess

.htaccess allows you to create your own Apache server management configuration in directories or hosting settings.

The .htaccess rules apply to all directories where the file is located, except directories where your own .htaccess is located.

The .htaccess file is read by the Apache server every time it is accessed, so all changes take effect immediately, after the change.

The global settings of the Apache server may contain a ban on the execution of some commands, usually it causes a 500 error. Also, an incorrect syntax or error, for example, a space gap, can cause this error.

Deny access for specific IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses

The prohibition of access from the IP-address

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from

If you do not specify the last digits of the address, then the ban will extend to the entire range of -

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from 123.123.123

We allow access only from certain IP addresses

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from

Force encoding instruction

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

Sometimes you need to clear the browser cache.

Cancel server conversion

CharsetDisable On

Creating your own pages with error messages

When you go to a non-existent address, for example, the visitor sees a server error message, you can create your own error pages, or you can redirect the visitor to a different address, like the home page. But for the correct indexing it is desirable not to redirect, but to show the error page.

ErrorDocument 404 https://getranko.com/error/404.html
ErrorDocument 403 https://getranko.com/error/403.html
ErrorDocument 401 https://getranko.com/error/401.html
ErrorDocument 500 https://getranko.com/error/500.html

The ErrorDocument string 404 http://site.ru/error/404.html indicates that 404 will show the 404.html file, which should be in the root of the site directory. If the file is located in a different directory, change the path to the file or link.


Redirect to .html

Example, redirect with getranko.com/blog on getranko.com/blog.html.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (.*/[^/.]+)($|\?)
RewriteRule .* %1.html [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ /$1.html [R=301,L]

Redirect to a page without a slash at the end of the address

Example, redirect with getranko.com/blog/ on getranko.com/blog.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.+)/$ /$1 [R=301,L]

Redirect to a page with a slash at the end of the address

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (.*/[^/.]+)($|\?)
RewriteRule .* %1/ [R=301,L]

Redirect to a page without index.php in the address

RewriteRule ^index.php/(.*)$ http://getranko.com/$1 [R=permanent,L]

Redirect to a page without index.php at the end of the address

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /index\.php\ HTTP/
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ http://getranko.com/ [R=301,L]

Redirect with www on without www (www.getranko.com to getranko.com)

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.getranko\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://getranko.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Redirect without www on www (getranko.com to www.getranko.com)

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^getranko.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.getranko.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Splicing domains

For example, you have several domains, but the visitor must be sent to one.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^getranko.com$
RewriteRule ^(.*) http://getranko.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Redirect from old static url to new ones

Example redirect from the page http://getranko.com/id=21.

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^id=21$
RewriteRule ^/page.php$ http://getranko.com/new.html [L,R=301]

Protection from hotlinks

If you want to prevent the insertion of images from the site by a direct link.

Instead of site.ru, specify the site address, jpg | jpeg | png | gif - extension of forbidden images, images.jpg - image that will be displayed if the picture is not in the root of the site, specify the full path.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?getranko.com [NC]
RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ images.jpg [NC,R,L]

Protection from bruteforce

We allow access to the administrator directory only via the HTTP protocol, which will filter out some bots. For each CMS you need to specify your address, for example wp-login, wp-admin and so on.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/administrator\.php$
RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} HTTP/1\.0
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [F,L]

The material lists the most frequently used examples, and most of the features are not even mentioned, like the mod_rewrite module, which provides many features.

Appropriate Image Format for Website/Blog | JPG, GIF, PNG, WEBP

This article will focus on the formats of JPEG, GIF and PNG, as well as two other, more modern formats. Most web developers learn to use this or that format by trial and error, while earning valuable experience. However, almost no one understands exactly how each of these formats works.

The material in this article will help you navigate what compression algorithms each of these extensions are using, and understand what types of images each of these formats is suitable for.


This format has passed the test of time, since it appeared in 1992. Compression of this format is as follows. First, the image from the RGB color space (from English "red", "green" and "blue") is converted to a YUV space, which is based on the brightness and chroma characteristics; This space is closest to how a person perceives colors. Then the image is divided into 8x8 pixel blocks, and each block is decomposed into color components, the frequency of which is then calculated. Speaking from the point of view of mathematics, it turns out that such a compression carries the image from the spatial domain to the frequency domain.

In a sense, such a compression allows you to discard some information about brightness and colors. What part of the information will be removed directly depends on the quality of the image that you want to get in the end.

From this we can conclude that the best format is suitable for compressing halftone images: images with a huge number of colors and soft transitions between them. In other words, JPEG implies that your image will somehow resemble a photo.

But for images with sharp edges and detailed textures, JPEG, on the contrary, does not work: clear faces will be erased, and the image as a whole will be blurred.
Below you can see an example of JPEG images:

Appropriate Image Format for Website/Blog | JPG, GIF, PNG, WEBP 1


At the dawn of the Internet, if the image was not a JPEG format, then it was a GIF format. GIF uses the LZW algorithm (Lempel-Ziv-Welch - Lempel-Ziva-Velcha algorithm) for compression, which is much simpler than JPEG compression technology. In fact, this algorithm scans the image data and creates a short code for those sections that are repeated. Therefore, GIF is suitable for compressing images that consist of identical or repeating parts. These are images with clear shapes that have only a few colors with sharp boundaries between them. It is these images that can be compressed with GIF most efficiently and without loss.

Despite the fact that GIF is a fairly simple format, it has a couple of interesting characteristics - it's transparency and animation.

But to compress images with a variety of shades, GIF does not work: this format supports only 8-bit color, that is, a maximum of 256 colors in one image. So if you decide to compress with the help of GIF image with a wide color palette, you can eventually get a posterized image with a significant drop in the depth of color, which will look awful.

Example of images in GIF format:

Appropriate Image Format for Website/Blog | JPG, GIF, PNG, WEBP 2
Summarizing, it can be noted that JPEG and GIF have their strengths and weaknesses. During the inception of the Internet, these were the main formats used. However, later some enthusiasts decided to try to create a new format for image compression without loss.


The development of PNG began in 1995, and a year later it could be used as a fully-fledged network format.

Since PNG was conceived as a replacement for the GIF format, it significantly exceeds its predecessor in its capabilities. For example, PNG has the following advantages:

See how well PNG compresses a multi-colored translucent image, you can lower it:

Appropriate Image Format for Website/Blog | JPG, GIF, PNG, WEBP 3
So why does PNG compress images better than GIF? This is due to new compression algorithms.

In particular, using string filtering, PNG gets much more convenient data for compression: there are 5 different prediction filters, the values ​​of each of which are selected in such a way that the total weight of the image is the smallest. PNG assumes that the adjacent pixels are similar, and if this is the case, PNG saves the data by recording the difference between the predicted value and the actual value.

Thus, the PNG format, for example, effectively squeezes vertical single-color areas (while GIF compresses only horizontal areas).

However, going back to the beginning of the article, it should be noted that in the case of PNG photos, it behaves better than GIF, but still worse than JPEG.

Next-generation formats

JPEG, GIF and PNG are common and universal formats that web developers can use everywhere. However, new formats of images appear, which also have interesting features.


This format appeared in 2010, it was created by the corporation Google. WebP uses the WebM multimedia format architecture.

The compression algorithm is similar to the one that uses PNG: one of the sixteen existing prediction strategies is applied to each block. Thanks to this, flexibility is achieved in storing images, both graphic and photographic.

Since this format belongs to Google, at the moment it is supported only by Chrome and Opera.


JPEG-XR was developed by Microsoft. Like all similar formats of the new time, JPEG-XR has significant compression advantages over the traditional JPEG format:

As in the case of WebP, JPEG-XR is a more complex, efficient and less supported format than its predecessors. At the moment, JPEG-XR is supported only by Internet Explorer and Edge.

Using Future Formats Today

Despite the fact that new formats are not yet supported by all browsers, you can use them on your site right now.

The new version of the markup language allows web developers to post the same image in several formats in order for browsers to decide which to upload. The code will look like this:

<source type="image/webp"
srcset="sun.wepb" />
<source type="image/vnd.ms-photo"
srcset="sun.jxr" />
<img src="sun.jpg"
alt="A beautiful sun" />


Another way to display different images for different visitors is to make sure that the client side rather than the server part is responsible for information output. In this case, different pictures will be shown to different users at the same address.

The Top 10 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

There is a reason why almost every business today is going the social media way. The advantages of having a social media marketing strategy are phenomenal in the long term. It is after all a market of the future and not just something for people to connect. Today a lot of digital marketing services have also come up with assure you an online presence for your company which is actually a very sweet deal. There are a lot of benefits of social media for a business which is why social media marketing works really well and hence we have got for you the advantages of social media as follows:


There are more people on social media than those with access to other forms of print or electronic media. Hence for that reason when you have a social media presence the amount of people that you reach at a time is much more than any other way. This way you get a lot of attention from loads of people who are from our target audience and people get to know about your company a lot better.


With print and other electronic media like Radio and TV, the chance of reaching your target audiences is limited, but with social media you get to reach your audience on a much personal level. You can easily check out user groups and join them accordingly and provide your link products on your website and you can be sure that a lot of it will turn into sales.


Your competition might already be on social media and the best way to know what kind of competition you have and might have to face can easily be found out on the social media. From the very tweets of your rival companies to the Facebook posts put up by them, everything paints a picture.


The public has become very demanding nowadays and this is why it is always better to have them on your side by knowing what they are demanding the most. It could be something as much as a simple 20% discount on your products which you could then check out if it is feasible and get it for the public so that you can have a better rapport with your customer base.


You could get queries from potential customers regarding your products that they might be interested in and might have doubts about. You could then interact with them accordingly and guide them properly to buying your products which is profitable to you.


Today a dissatisfied consumer is pretty much likely to rant about you on social media about your bad product or service. So if you have a social media presence, you can easily connect with the customer and help them sort their issues out so that you can be in their good books and earn a lot of good PR points in the process.


When it comes to running advertisements and billboards, the effectiveness and the market experience depends a lot, but on social media, everyone is equal because it is a completely different arena to play on where everyone starts from the same level and the market experience and capital and contacts do not matter here at all.


Yes, you got it right; setting up a Facebook or twitter handle takes absolutely zero investment. That means you can do it yourself all for free without the need for any outside help. But if you happen to be not so tech savvy and need help from the outside in case you are not that good with words, then you can easily hire a social media manager who can handle all your social media accounts for a very less cost and you can easily see the difference in the increase of sales.


A big part of social media is to keep attracting more people to your company and products so that they buy it and use it. So this way you can put up interesting posts or great discount coupons and people will come and buy your products more than before, all thanks to your social media presence.


When you are on social media and keep posting things on your page, people will keep getting them on their newsfeed and your products will constantly be on their mind when they might actually go on to buy.

Hence social media marketing strategy is very important for any company, good or bad. The benefits of digital marketing services are also important, but you can do it yourself as well. You can yourself check out the advantages of social media listed above and make an informed decision as to why social media works so much. So do get online and get the benefits of social media today.

8 Effective Ways: Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular and amazing social networking platform that really makes it simple for you in order to share and connect with friends and family online. Originally, created for the college students, but almost everyone use this website for their individual needs. Now, Facebook has more than one billion active users worldwide.


Have you still wondered why individuals like using Facebook? There are several ways to easily communicate online, including instant messaging, email and more. What actually makes this social networking website is distinctive is the capability to share and connect with the individual easily. If you wish to use Facebook, you simply create the Facebook account with required details. Facebook not only allows you to send messages, share images and upload videos, but also help business people to promote their products or services in an outstanding manner. There are many business individuals to market business through their Facebook account in order to attract huge number of online users. If you wish to know about how to drive traffic to your Facebook page, you can watch this guide properly.  The Facebook really has lots of potential benefits and profits for your individual benefits. While most of these advantages are really similar to owning a business website, quantities are exclusive to Facebook.


Getting traffic to your website is not an easy task, because it requires more hard work and long time duration. For this reason, business owners are looking for perfect alternative. Using Facebook is an excellent way to get more traffic without any difficulties. The valid Facebook account helps you to Get traffic from facebook groups. The Facebook marketing techniques not only increase the sales level, but also generate more revenue to your business. If you do not have enough funds to create a business website, you simply sign up on The Facebook for entirely free, because it helps you to market your business and save money. Along with this, it also helps you to attract lots of target audience and convert them into your potential customers. You can use it for sharing useful details regarding your business. In order to draw more Facebook users you simply upload your business purpose, history and product details on your Facebook page. The clear details help Facebook users to know about your business easily and inspire them to use your business again and again. Here are eight effective techniques to use Facebook for driving more traffic to your online business as follows:


Facebook posts or pages that include attractive images really get around high engagement than the posts without photos. You can make the images extremely prominent, because it will help you to get more Facebook shares, comments and shares. You can prefer the full sized pictures in order to keep producing more traffic resource for your business website. This simple trick allows you to get traffic from facebook for free.


Many business owners strive to drive more traffic through Facebook, but they fail to achieve it due to their long text. On Facebook, you can update the short sentences that will surely generate more engagement. Many Facebook fans are using this popular social media on mobile. You can make your business updates clear, short and heart-grabbing.


Questions normally invoke the response, so you can try it on your facebook page. You can use the professional question to create clicks through events from your Facebook fans. You can make the questions extremely intriguing, witty and short. You can create question related to your own business.


Once you own a fresh content, you require developing it sharable. In order to achieve the process, you can add the Facebook share buttons or social share plug-in on your Facebook page. This specialized option encourages your Facebook fans to share your business content.


You can make certain that you optimize your individual Facebook posts. There are several ways to post certain links to the website, so you can carefully choose the best one based on the audience. The proper selection process helps you to obtain different results.


Advertising your business on the Facebook page is the best way to improve website traffic fast, so you can use it without any hesitation.


In order to achieve more traffic, you can make certain that you include links in remaining portion of the Facebook account that individual may be visiting.


The simplest way to create engagement on Facebook platform is by posting interesting news, picture and tips of your services and products on your individual page many times per week.

7 Essential Tips on SEO Strategy and Content Marketing for 2017

Nowadays the SEO has not only been changed in the basic philosophy, but also in the implementation rules. Now the SEO is more personal, dynamic and exciting!

Changes are continuous, all that remains relatively stable is the approach to content marketing. In this article we will focus on the individual piece of content marketing, in the creation of content in our blog.

Some basic tips on creating articles are the following:

  1. Optimization of Meta Titles and Descriptions
  2. Articles are for Readers, Not for Search Engines
  3. Appropriate Headings in Articles
  4. Why do you need both XML and HTML Sitemaps
  5. Optimizing Internal Linking
  6. Mobile Friendly Pages or Responsive Pages
  7. Avoiding keyword stuffing


Optimization of Meta Titles and Descriptions

Recently, Google had make changes to Meta. After removing the right ads, Google originally grew in several organic results the Title tag at around 70 characters, which broke the force again in the 58-60 character limit and correspondingly 150-160 characters in Meta description tag. What matters most is generally the Meta title contain 1 time base keyword and Meta description operate as a call to action by increasing traffic.

Do not put only keywords in Title or Description, the Meta information in title and description should be meaningful in sentences using the appropriate keyword(s).

Never capitalize all the words in Title or Description to get attention, well you’ll get it, but chances are your article will get bad ranking from Google SERPS.

Try to put precise, unique but exact information in the title and description.

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Articles are for Readers, Not for Search Engines

The main priority in creating articles is primarily to help the readers to find the information they want and secondly for SEO. The RankBrain of Google is now quite reliable for similar keywords, so you should also use all the "tools available" for the optimization of your text, especially for images and video.

Now Google gives greater value on articles with many words and is no longer suffice for classic 180 to 250 words.

300 words are sufficient for an article but the trend is now for great post with over 1000 words, and even more than 2000 words!

The reason for more words to get higher rank is obviously you’ll put more information regarding that topic. More juice for visitors means they will find nearly everything on one page, rather than searching on search engine again for what they exactly need.

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Appropriate Headings in Articles

The headline is the first information that takes the reader on our article. Usually it is crucial whether to open the article or overtake. The fact that the SEO helps to have multiple clicks from searches, shows the importance of headlines. Our efforts should be our header causing the reader's interest and pulls the reading of our article.

Most of the times, when I search for something, I read the title, description and website name which I am going to visit. Then once I am on the website, I read the headings first, if the headings are showing the content that I’m interested in, then I keep reading the article content.

This is me obviously!

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Why do you need both XML and HTML Sitemaps

It is a very important element that is often overlooked by webmasters. It is always good to have and XML and HTML Sitemap both.

With the XML sitemap you help the search engines to understand where your articles exactly are. Hence it gives you the ease for Google or other search engines to crawl and index your pages quickly.

HTML sitemap can help the visitors of the site to get to the page which they actually want. Sometimes the links are embedded within the articles so it is a good idea to make an HTML sitemap page.

Keep in mind if you have thousands or even hundreds of articles, try to avoid making HTML sitemap.

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Optimizing Internal Article / Content Linking

There are innumerable websites, in which we see internal text links with anchor text such as "click here" or "read more".

This is pretty bad technical and SEO strategy, which lose the site a significant opportunity for SEO. Best are the links contain important words of the text directs. So the search engines understand the best architecture of the site and rate all pages accordingly.

It is always a good technique to put links to other subpages in every article that can help both the reader and the Google.

Don’t put unrelated links in the articles, for example if your article is about Television, don’t promote Heart Diseases articles in it. It not only looks ridiculously bad, but also is totally irrelevant for the reader or search engine.

Put links to your other articles or sub-pages relevant to the same articles only, which can help the reader to gain more knowledge about the same.

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Mobile Friendly Pages or Responsive Pages

This was known as a trend from previous years, but for 2017 things are going to the next level as it directly affects the rankings especially in searches on mobile and tablets. With this in mind we should have fast loading pages without unnecessary Javascript, mobile optimized images, minified CSS and remove unnecessary PHP calls to server.

Accelerated mobile pages is the new trend and all big companies, specially media related companies are giving much importance to AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project). AMP is suitable for mobile devices which gives easy navigation to your site and optimized images helps to load page content faster and saves bandwidth for Mobile Data as well.

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Avoid Keyword Stuffing

When using the basic advice that we write content on our site for readers and not for search engines, there is no risk for keyword stuffing. If the frequency of a keyword in the written content exceeds 3% of the total words used, then most likely it will have negative affect instead of giving positive ranking.

Moreover, search engines now more based on how relevant the whole article is with the keywords searched via the search engine and not the percentage of keyword in the article.

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The SEO is dynamic with constant changes. Adapting quickly and correctly to new SEO information is critical every time. Especially for companies who want to be ahead of their competitors.

Simultaneously with the right adjustment of the quality and useful content for their readers is "constant but always important". Using the correct portion of everything can give you more confidence to invest more in online marketing strategies.

Beware of Shady Link Schemes from Black-Hat SEOs

All of us receive uncalled email. The majority of them are considered as to be spam. We make a decision without having a look to them.

Tony Edwards, a columnist, came up with an article on this topic. He discusses one of his clients. His client got an unsolicited email from a person named Nicholas Salmons. The email was about a business offer on Huffingtonpost.com. This offer was tied to do-follow link with a fee of $550. Mail also stated that Nicholas is the only marketer who is giving such service at an affordable rate. Below is the screen shot of this email.

Beware of Shady Link Schemes from Black-Hat SEOs 4

Edwards’s client forwarded mail to him for advice. He like all the conventional SEO’s advised his client not to go with this offer. The reason being that it was against quality guidelines set by Google. Google refers this approach as spammy link-building. Moreover, this linking can affect site ranking poorly.

Do not get flattered by “too good to be true” SEO offers

Though spammy link building schemes appear to be attractive, however in actual, they can cause severe harm to your search engine ranking. These schemes are deliberated as the means of fooling search engine Algorithms.

Now, if a bad quality content is grabbing you high ranking then what can be the reason for this? Probably they have overall high quality of backlinks.

Despite having a high rank your users will not be satisfied. So what is the point of having such ranking? Not only users but also Google prefers high-quality content. Moreover, your aim should be to satisfy both your users as well as Google.

Despite so many updates released by Google under Penguin algorithm backlinking is still in practice these days. Many companies like JC Penney and Overstock have suffered because of spammy link building.

Penalties for spammy link building

Two types of penalties are for spammy link building that can affect your website. Both of them are as follows.

This penalty occurs when because of algorithm update your site ranking is affected. Alternatively, your site loses its ranking. Just like what happened with Penguin algorithm update.

Beware of Shady Link Schemes from Black-Hat SEOs 5

How to remove it?

If you want to save yourself from this penalty, then you should remove all the spammy backlinks. Apart from this, you should also disown any spammy backlinks.

A manual penalty is something you should fear about. However, it is not as bad as algorithm penalty. This penalty can remove your site or some of the pages to be deleted from Google indexing altogether. Google spam team checks your backlinks and put this penalty on your site in case of violation.


How to remove it?

If you want to get rid of this penalty, then you have to disown and remove all the back link. After this, you have to submit a reconsideration request. This process has no time limit. It can take from weeks to months.

According to John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trend Analyst, one should not make link building a focal point. As it will bring you more harm than the good, it can. This saying puts emphasis on the fact that backlinks can be earned naturally. You do not have to make efforts for it by yourself.


How to earn natural inbound links?

The key to earning natural inbound links is the quality content. Webmasters and SEO’s point of focus should be to craft content that is appealing, easily linkable and shareable as well.

SEOs perspective

For SEO’s the above statement is debatable. Because for ranking linking is among the main factors. That is the reason why everyone focuses on linking so much. Small business is unable to get many links due to PR of big businesses.


What should be done about linking?

Certain link building strategies are according to Google guidelines. Moreover, they do not disrupt guidelines. Some of them are given below.

Find out the websites that are citing you. However, they do not have a link to your site. You can ask them to include a link to your website. Offering incentives and demanding for specific anchor text will violate Goggle’s guidelines.

Find out the sites that are currently mentioning your rivalries. Go to them and ask them for your link as well. Offering incentives and demanding for specific anchor text will violate Goggle’s guidelines.

To make your content reach a wider audience make use of powerful platforms such as Taboola, OutBrain, and Facebook. These platforms can bring you natural inbound links.

Social sharing

To earn organic exposure be sure that your content is shared on social media platforms. These platforms should be such that they can bring natural links to you.

Author: Sidra Aleem

Tips to Rank Above the Fold in SEO

There is a variety of different views are encountered about SEO. Some people think that it is dead while other believe that it plays a keys role to earn you grace over the web. Things have changed a lot on SEO. There are complete mysteries about the fact that how search engines are continuously changing and modifying their algorithms. Despite all the algorithmic changes one thing has remained the same which is that algorithms are getting better and smarter, search engines have been improving their algorithms continuously.


Enter Google Hummingbird

Google is the most popular search engine these days and is involved in producing the overall best optimization results. The term optimization refers to how closer search results are to the users original target. With each of the modification brought to algorithms focus more on thinking like the users so the users must have satisfactory results in response to their queries. With Hummingbird, Google focuses more on become a human to gain the consent of the users with the delivery of best possible results.


Measures of “Good User Experience.”

Regardless of the using the advances, technologies algorithms, and other such tactics by the end of the day your all focus lies on the users need. We are much more concerned about what they want from search engines. To test that you are meeting the demands of the users and are coming up with their expectations there must be different measures should be taken. Some of them are given below.


All the things these days are changing at much faster rate. People hardly wait for two to three minutes for the pages to load and if it does not load they simply close the tab. In a recent survey by TagMan, 3 out of 5 users reported that poor site performance makes them less likely to return to a site.


The term “above the fold” means that to mean above the scroll down the line. In the web pages where too much of the content is present, users find it boring scrolling down the pages. The things become even worse when the users scroll the page, and some pop up is being linked with it. Peep Laja, a former keynote speaker at the popular digital marketing conference SearchLove, noted that, despite living in a more scroll-oriented world, content above the fold still grabs approximately 80% of our attention.


Make navigation of your website simple and fast. If the user has to look on the site map to extract the information from your website then it is a poor approach. The use of different buttons can make the navigation simple and faster. On average, if it takes four or more clicks to access the desired information then this is too many clicks.


Despite the fact that what user are doing on the web they are completely and firmly fed up of the unnecessary pop-ups. You being the owner of a website must visit it as a user to evaluate the number of pop-ups that occur and also the number of Ads you have to go through for reaching the desired information. If this figure is beyond the limit, then you must simplify it. 70% of Americans reported getting annoyed by irrelevant pop-ups.


In the past few years, the desktop communication was considered the standard. In 2015, searches have shown that mobile traffic became more than the desktop. People are now more comfortable with using mobile phones. Google has also announced that in this year the equal rates of mobile and desktop traffic were observed. This trend will continue in 2016 and will increase with even more rapid speed. Google is claiming that a desktop-specific site is not necessary. This reflects their commitment to a “mobile” experience across all types of devices. All such changes increase the need of launching a complete mobile friendly website.


Think from the perspective of the user before publishing your content. You must do the whole search about how users are going to put up the queries on the search engines and then design your content accordingly. The users look for the quality content from which they can benefit themselves. Moreover, make sure that despite the size of the screen to be displayed the content should be display quickly. After you achieved this goal, there is no more need to worry about the term “Good user experience” as you have provided your user with this already.