How to Choose The Best Keywords For Your SEO Campaign

The selection of the keywords is a crucial thing for any online business because it provides the support for whole SEO campaign. The selection of the keywords is both the science and arts and doing this process in a right way will separate the success and failure associated with SEO. If the keywords having a high possibility of return are not selected, then the whole SEO campaign is uncertain, and success is impossible. If you want to be successful online, you need to choose keywords for your website correctly. Now I will discuss what are the best practices to select top keywords for your SEO campaign.

How to Choose The Best Keywords For Your SEO Campaign - Magnifying Glass Zoom on SEO

Understanding different types of keywords:

The keywords that can also be termed as “Key Phrase” are the combination of the words that an internet user put into their search engine to find the desired results. The keyword phrase may consist of one, two, three or more words like Smartphone, Smartphone prices, cheap mobile prices. The keyword phrase that containing two words such as ‘Smartphone prices’ provides the best results.


The Google’s “quality evaluator guidelines” splits the keyword phrase into three sorts of categories.


As according to the name the navigational keywords provides direction to find a particular web page (e.g. user enter keywords for ‘Samsung’ should list the Samsung site)


These keywords are used to find information on a topic (e.g., user enter keywords “Technology” then the search engine generate a list of articles related to technology.)


The transactional keywords are used to complete the transactions on the web. The identification of highest searched “transactional” keyword phrase plays a key role in a successful SEO campaign as it will provide the highest number of sales in a short sales cycle.


The transactional keywords phrased in such a way that it target is your sale page and shorten the sales cycle. While the informational keywords have a high volume of search, and the user searching these keywords is not in the mode to buy a product, so a lower number of sale and longer the sales cycle.

Navigational keywords are purely phrased in such a way that promise the success of any SEO campaign.

How to get “Right Keywords”:

If you want to make your  SEO campaign successfully then getting the right keywords is essential. Some fundamental principles play a vital role in the success of your business. You must target only those Keywords that are related to your SEO campaign and works well for your business.

Low Competition:

To get the most traffic and a large number of customers to your website from a search engine, you must be on top. However, getting on top is not so easy because there is a high competition exist with the sites that offering the products similar to your business.

By selecting the search phrase (keywords) that have a low level of competition must increase your chance to be on top in the search results.

To get the fastest possible results for Search engine optimization (SEO), and to shorten the time and cost of SEO work, and to increase the chance to be on top in search results some precautions must be taken.

Avoid the keywords that have:

  1. Too many competitors, and
  2. Too much strong competitors.

Because they lead towards the failure of your business and SEO campaign.

When you are searching keywords for your business, then select only those keyword phrases having lower competition, and serves you number of customers as possible with the lowest possible time and effort.


High Traffic.

While selecting keywords It is compulsory to choose those word phrases that have a low level of competition and top ranking in search engines, but it is not just enough, as it does not provide any guarantee for the success of your SEO campaign. Remaining at the top of search engines does not mean that customer will find you.

You must be carefully select the keywords, select those word phrases that have a high level of traffic, (e.g., a large number of customers searching those keywords). The keywords that have a significant number of searches gives you a large number of customers than that of less searched keywords.

High Economic value.

The keywords that you select for your business must have a good economic value. Every potential customer who came to your website or clicks on your search has a different mindset and search need from other. Because some customer is are more worthy than others.

For example, if you are a doctor, and someone is searching for “Physician NewYork” then it is likely to be more valuable to, than someone who is searching for a list of hospitals in NewYork.

If you want to compare or to measure the value of word phrases, then it can easily figure out by Google advertising data and search volumes to check which word phrase have the highest economical value. Because the more economical the keywords, the more customers search it, and it will ensure the success of you SEO campaign.


High relevance:

The relevancy is the most important factor for the success of the SEO campaign. The keywords that you select for your business can be served as a source that can attract customers towards your website or business. If the phrases are not according to the products, or service as you are offering, then the success of the SEO campaign is impossible. In other words, we can say that if you want to make your business more profitable and customer oriented, then you must select those keywords that are relevant to your product offerings and have a low level of competition.

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