Common SEO Mistakes that can be Avoided

Search engine optimization is an integral part for a website’s ranking and should be implemented in a proper way. Proper SEO can reap many benefits for your website such as better ranking and more conversion rate. While the proper SEO can reap such benefits; the SEO mistakes can make your website out-of-competition.

TOP Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the basic SEO mistakes can be avoided with very little efforts. Some common SEO mistakes beginners should avoid are:

The biggest SEO mistake that most bloggers make is that they don’t optimize the keywords according to their content. Using general and irrelevant keywords can boost your ranking temporarily but it will harm your ranking in the long run. Make sure to use specific keywords that are relevant to the content of the website.

Some content marketers don’t use link building techniques properly and this is their biggest mistake. Link building can be very much beneficial for your website’s ranking. Some content marketers only link their first page or homepage to websites or blogs instead they should also link popular posts of their websites. Another link building mistake is to link with websites or blogs with totally different category. You can get some traffic through irrelevant links but it will hurt your reputation on search engines. Make sure you use links from most relevant blogs or websites.

Many content marketers rely on SEO techniques to rank higher on search engines and forget about the most important part; the content of the website. It is evident that people stay and read posts that are well written and which is why content marketers should make sure that the content on the website is well written. This will not only increase the traffic but will also increase the chances of more conversion rates.

Many bloggers make biggest SEO mistake by focusing just on the content and completely neglecting the design of the page. Good content is necessary but the importance of design cannot be diminished. People like pages with good design and more likely will come again on your blog to read more. Make sure to use appropriate design for your webpage to increase the traffic on your blog or website.

Keyword stuffing is the most common mistake which content marketers often make. Using keywords is necessary but to over use the keywords; it is a mistake. Repeating keywords can enhance your traffic for short term but will harm your reputation in long term. Don’t use keyword stuffing in your websites to improve the overall ranking of the website.

Title tags and Meta descriptions are very important for SEO and should be properly optimized for better ranking. Many content marketers use their website name as title name for all of the webpages. This is a mistake which can be avoided by using different titles for different webpages. Meta descriptions also need to be properly optimized according to the keywords of the webpage. Every page should contain a unique meta description and the concept of same meta descriptions for all webpages should be avoided.

Using copied or duplicate content in your website can harm the image of your website. Users don’t like to see content that is copied from other websites or blogs. Google also doesn’t like this and will penalize you for copying content of other websites. Don’t use copied or duplicate content on your website.

Buying links is easier and faster than building links. This is the reason why most of the content marketers buy links instead of using link building techniques. But this is a mistake because Google has a team which checks every website for suspicious links. The links from totally different categories make these links suspicious to Google. Google can suspend your ranking if it founds that you are buying links instead of using link building techniques.

Many of the content marketers focus on quantity of links and not on the quality of links. Instead the focus should be on building high-quality links because fewer high-quality links can have better impact on your ranking than hundreds and thousands of low-quality links.

Social media is the new trend for marketing of businesses and many businesses have an online presence on social media. Social media can be very beneficial for increasing the traffic on your website. Many content marketers ignore the importance of social media advertising. This is a big mistake and should be avoided. Make sure you use social media advertising for your website to increase the traffic on the website.

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