Complete SEO Audit: Content and On Site

Why is SEO auditing needed?

The reason for SEO auditing is that you are making yourself safe from penalties. Not only this, but it makes sure that you are getting benefits from your content. You are keeping yourself up to date about what your users are doing? Also, you make yourself aware of changes and update in algorithms.

Complete SEO Audit: Content and On Site 1

SEO auditComplete SEO Audit: Content and On Site 2

This audit is divided into three stage that are given below.


The first two phases are currently available. The third phase will come after four weeks. Today we will focus on the second stage.

How to know that your content is optimized?

To understand the fact to optimize the website or web page content, it is divided into following portions.

What is the purpose of your content?

If you want to work with on-site optimization, then you have first to identify the purpose of your content. After that, you have to devise a strategy accordingly. Following three are the purposes of content for a site of products or services.

To bring conversions, the content to be used is the one that will be around your potential keywords. For example, if you are selling shoes then the terms to target are “shoes online” or “buy shoes”.


Your content should be such that your customers should go with you before getting to know about other ways. If you look on most efficacious sites, then you will observe that they have informational queries. Like if you are selling some product they will also state that what that product is?

Content is critical for natural link building. Make sure that the linking that you are getting is from authentic and reliable sources.

Keyword Discovery

In search engine optimization this step is of prime importance. However, many SEOs are of the view that we are no more is the era of keywords. For keyword discovery there are many tools available. Some of them are Keyword Explorer and Keyword Planner.

One can begin by thinking of all the possible terms. Like if you are trying to make a keyword for “Buy Blue Widget” then the keywords that come instantly to mind are “Blue widgets” or simply “widgets”.

Complete SEO Audit: Content and On Site 3

After you have thought of all the possible keywords, then make a list of them. Rearrange the list according to search volume. When you have done working with the list then decide which of the keywords are best suited for the purpose.

Then the final step is to arrange your keywords according to your priority. After the keywords discovery, you have to look for the content. Moreover, come up with the content that is best suited to your website.

Keyword discovery does a great help to you for creating content. However, still, some loopholes are left behind. You may miss out important things. For crafting content, you should assign your sales and support teams to give to give you details about the type of questions they are asked about. Then analyze that how you are dealing with these questions. If you have some users that came to your site for some information, then you have to check on them. Whether they were satisfied, or they just left your site or they just drifted toward your rivalries.

Complete SEO Audit: Content and On Site 4

When you have answers then simply you have to do keyword discovery. Moreover, select the keywords accordingly.

It is what that appears as a title of your page. Moreover, is a major factor. It significantly improves CTR (Click Through Rate). Title tag length has changed however it is currently between 70-71 characters. Depending on pixel width it is 50-60.

Depending upon the type of content title length varies accordingly. However, your motive should be that title length should be the same length that appears in SERP’s. Titles that end with … do not convey the message completely. As the matter of fact, American Express has selected its motto:

American Express: Don’t leave home without it

And not:

American Express: Don’t leave home …

·       Descriptions

This is an indirect SEO factor though it has an impact on CTR. For description, the character limit is about 155 characters. Your goal should be to write that copy of your page description that will persuade the users to click your link.

Complete SEO Audit: Content and On Site 5

Wrapping Up

We cannot apply one solution to all the cases. Various cases have different solutions. You can get a top ranking if you consider your content is well crafted, and you made a proper strategy for it.

Author: Sidra Aleem

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