Digital Marketing Boost by Automation & PPC Strategy

Digital marketing is affected significantly by technology as well as automation. Things have become tougher than ever. Factors like paid search and social functionality have gone way more than the simple techniques. Also, clients have become much savvy. They want in-depth details and knowledge about features. Such changes have put greater responsibility on account managers for better manageability of their accounts.

Automation of the routine task can be brought by harnessing the right kind of technological factors. Good choices can solve problems and can be utilized to unveil promising deals.

Automation requirements characterization

The hardest thing of PPC automation is making a decision about the starting point. It is quite difficult to know what factors are to be automated. Moreover, where to start is also an important factor to ponder about. You can get answers to all these by doing following things.

First, you should make yourself clear that what is the goal of your account? How to decide about the goal is the next thing to think about. This can be done by using business meeting audits, by deep data analysis and proper audits of accounts.

Digital Marketing Boost by Automation & PPC Strategy

Once your goal is clear to you, you have to formulate an approach for achieving them. When you have clear goals, then you will have the idea about tasks that need to be completed, the technologies that are required for these tasks and the automation that are necessary for the purpose.


We will consider an example to understand the automation strategy. Suppose there is an account which has the cost per lead goal is $200. The solutions tried for maintaining results to optimum include depending upon keyword performance adjust the bids, pause the spend that is not bringing any conversions, search query analysis for negative matches and identification of non-performing sites so they can be eliminated.

How the above-mentioned optimizations are achieved?

The optimizations are achieved in the different time span. The reason behind this is that the account is too large to be managed manually. It takes much time for manual update. A lot has to be done for working for bigger goals.

Automation rules

According to the above information, the complete automation rules can be devised. Below are listed some of these rules.

  • The keywords that are costing you more than 300 dollars and are not bringing any conversions then block all such keywords.
  • The groups that did not bring any conversion in past 30 days, pause them.
  • Trim down bids to 25 percent for keywords with cost more than 500 dollars.
  • The placements with 0 conversions and more than 25 clicks remove them.
  • The queries that have zero conversions and more than 300 dollars is spent on them pause such queries.

Automation rules should be such that they hold up to the goal that we are trying to achieve. Decreased and inefficient results will come with the poorly administrative strategies. Before finalizing any of the rules do consider the risks as well as benefits of your rules.

Technology that should be implemented

We have plenty of technologies available. The type of technology that has to be chosen depends entirely on your domain. Furthermore, the tools that you are utilizing for automation vary in functionalities they provide. You can incorporate the script in Google with inventory and CRM of a company.

Utilization of a Third party technology or some free tool depends highly on the budget and size of the account. Time and cost are the metrics that should be kept in mind for making any decision.

Choosing between paid and free tools

Following factors can help you to decide to choose between the two.

  • Account goals can be achieved by the set strategy using free automation tools
  • Using paid tools will provide much better performance as compared to free ones?
  • Time is being saved by a free tool or not? Moreover, what amount of time is being saved using a paid one?

When you have a strategy to choose between the two, then you can decide which one to rely on will be better for you?

Summing Up

The efficient and rapid execution of goals demands your strategy be defined and formulated. The major advantage of automation will be the improvement that is brought to your account.

You should deploy technology primarily to execute strategy quickly and efficiently and reach goals. Too often, automation is narrowly viewed as a shortcut to reducing workload. While it is important to make workloads more efficient, it is more important not to lose sight of the big picture, which is improving account performance.


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