How to ensure that Your Blog is Readable

A blog is an excellent way to share information with other people. Thousands of blogs have already been written and much more are being written. People read blogs to get information regarding different topics. Blog reading is replacing the trend of newspaper reading.

People who used to read newspapers are shifting towards blogs because blogs provide faster and better information than newspapers. People mostly read posts which are more eye-catching and have good content. So, if people don’t read your posts, then what’s the benefit of that blog? I will explain in detail of how you can make sure that your blog is readable and how you can make users stay and read your blog posts. You have to follow easy steps to ensure that your blog is easily readable. The steps which can make your blog more readable are:

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can make sure that your blog is enjoyable and how you can make users stay and read your blog posts. You have to follow easy steps to ensure that your blog is readable. The steps which can make your blog more readable are:

Properly format your blog:

Proper formatting is necessary for better readability. People scan your blog posts through the formatting pattern you use. You have to write your blog posts with a layout that quickly catches concentration of the users. Using proper font colour and background will also help in making your blog post more readable.

Use short paragraphs:

When writing a new blog post, be certain that you use short paragraphs because people find it difficult to read long paragraphs. Using shorter section also increases the beauty of your post. Shorter articles quickly catch eye attention and people are compelled to read the post. Make sure your posts are not longer than 700-800 words and each paragraph should contain around 100 words.

Use good quality content:

Make sure the quality of the content is best and the content is not copied from any other website or blog. Also, make sure to use easily understandable language. People are more likely to stay and read your posts if the content is of the best quality and is easy to understand. If the user finds out that content is copied from any other blog or the content is not of high quality, the users will not read your post. It is advisable to use easily understandable wording so that people can easily understand the content.

Use proper font style and size:

Use font style which is eye catching and can be read easily such as Arial. I use Arial in almost all the posts I write. Using font style such as Verdana that is not so easily readable can cause the readers to jump to some other blog. The font size should also be big so that people can understand the content. The ideal font size is 14 but you can also use 16 or 18. The font size and style significantly impact the readability of the blog post and it is advisable to use big fonts with proper font style.

Don’t use italic or capital characters:

Italics and capital characters are hard to read on screen and should be avoided. I especially hate italicised characters and don’t use it in my blog posts. Capital letters should be used only for proper nouns and nothing else because they create a sense of twinge in the eyes. Make sure not to use italics or capital characters in your blog posts.

Use bold text for important sentences:

Make sure to use bold characters to highlight the meaningful sentences. Using bold text increases curiosity in the readers and the readers are compelled to read the post. But remember that you should not overuse the bold text, only use it where necessary.

Use images to increase the beauty:

I have seen that many people don’t use images in their blog post when clearly they should. Images enhance the beauty of the blogs and also create interest in readers to read that post. Make sure that you use proper images in your blogs because people are more likely to read your post if it is beautifully designed and has images in it.

Focus on one topic only:

When writing a blog, make sure that you focus on only one topic so that the content of the blog post is relevant. You can convey your message through the blog post or written article. It is only possible when you focus only on one topic and not on several topics.

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