Era of Domains with Keywords in TLD: Killed by Google

This is the big question that TLD effect on ranking or not? There is a variety of opinions in this context. Some of the people are of the view that, .COM is a better option to stick with for improved ranking. A blog was posted on SearchEngineLand titled: Can move to a new TLD boost search rankings? In response to this Google’s John Mueller made an announcement about TLD.

As always, the Google Searches is all about Content...

A few days back John Mueller from Google made an announcement related to ranking improvement because of TLD. Mueller in Google hangout said that keywords in TLD (Top Level Domain) are not responsible for ranking. Keywords like .LIVE, .NEWS, .ATTORNEY does not affect ranking. According to John Mueller Google does not take into the account of these keywords for ranking. They are completely ignored simply.

Era of Domains with Keywords in TLD: Killed by Google 1

Mueller made this announcement on hangout in his 12:45-minute interview. He said that: TLD is not considered as a ranking factor. He also said that they are ignored completely without any consideration.

Era of Domains with Keywords in TLD: Killed by Google 2

John Mueller in his post on Twitter said that: TLD is of not an advantage or disadvantage to search. Below is the link to the post.

In support of John Mueller, Gary Illyes from Google also posted on his Twitter account. He said that changing domain names are not the right choice to make. The following is the link to his post.

After that, Mueller on Google+ made another post regarding the same topic. In this post, he said that: changing domain names is not an obvious factor for improving your ranking. He clarified that much more has to be done for the purpose. Furthermore, he said that he was not in the favor of changing domain names for the delusions of improving ranking. Below is the link to his post on Google+.

To get more clarification, Barry conducted an interview with John Mueller. The brief summary of which is given below.

Barry asked that: According to you recent posts and announcement you made about TLD one should not worry about keywords in URL. On the other hand, Google has been making it clear over a period that keywords in URL are not simply ignored by algorithms. They may have little impact on ranking. However recently you said that they were not considered at all. Are only keyword rich TLD's are ignored, because you talked particularly about .attorney. Alternatively, only the keywords are ignored. Are TLD's are completely ignored?

In response to this John Muller said:

They are ignored completely and are not considered for ranking factor. He clarified that TLD was not taken into account for ranking purpose.

Barry further asked that:  TLD is not considered for ranking at all. To this John, Mueller answer was a simple YES.

The below link is the video of the interview.

Summing Up

Google and other search engines are continuously updating their algorithms for improvement of user experience regarding searches and search results. You can just expect to be in the competition by sticking to the old ways. To get going, you too have to move along with trends.

For better ranking, you should look deep into the factors that are responsible. After that develop a proper understanding and work accordingly. Thinking of the easy way out will not bring you any good regarding ranking. Moreover, clearly now thinking that TLD will improve your ranking is not a good idea anymore. So study all the actual ranking factors and keep you up to date. So you can control the things and get the benefits out of them.

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