Everything You Need to Know About SEO Techniques

With technology and marketing strategies advancing to a level of pure competition, it is important to get smart and find best SEO techniques that can rise the scope of your website appearing in SERPs.

I know there are many difficulties to get in the top SERPs, because Search Engines are advancing themselves every day. They are evolving gradually and rapidly to provide the best searches to its users; for this search engines are updating their algorithms from time to time.

Even as the smartphone market is going high, Google has made separate results for providing the searches from Mobile-Friendly websites.

Solution to find the best SEO techniques is simple. Get your thinking hat on all the time along with latest trends in SEO strategies.

SEO Techniques & Factors


We are here to give insight on some of the basic SEO procedures to boost your website ranking and worth so that it doesn’t end up beneath 644,275,754 active websites.

1) Stepping Up to Mobile-Friendly Experience:

Today no one has the time to start up laptop or computer and get things done. Everything is becoming more and more mobile-friendly based so switch your website to be displayed on smartphones in "Mobile Friendly Environment" to get more traffic.

As Google announced the separate search results for smartphone devices, the responsive websites are getting more in numbers to survive their existence in Google SERPs.


2) Ranking Based on Keywords Facts and Myths:

It is easy to get your keyword tracked simply by typing some fancy command on Google but did you know how much is this ranking favorable for you?

Most of us are deceived by this ranking merely because we fail to see whether my websites keywords are up to date or are old keywords getting ranked.

Maybe they would not be as effective as they were one-week earlier, so continuous upgrading in very important factor.


3) Quality of Links VS Quantity of Links:

The quality of your inbound links play a vital part in SEO Ranks as few links that come from trusted relevance are always preferred than thousands of links that no one knows the reputation of.

Hence, quality is given preference on quantity in acquiring ranks.


4) Users... Our Priority:

Since most search engines don’t exactly follow keywords, but today there are other factors contributing as well for example backlinks and users intentions for the specific word they are searching.

Overcoming this factor is profitable and easy as you only need to look at broader scenario think of keywords most people are likely to search.


5) Get Secure NOW:

With all the hackers around, you need to get your SSL certificate that depicts how secure your site is.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Once you have this certificate your site would be preferred more in the SEO ranking.

This idea is known as HTTPS, this provides more chances to get ranked and lowers the chances of hacking, because each computer is connected with the relevant website through a secure connection.

Along with this, nowadays SEO of any computer mobile demands SSL certificate otherwise your website may be shown as not secure to the world.

Even there are different types of SSL Certificates, which are according to the service you are providing on your website.


6) Are You Active Enough?

Google keeps note of which website has been how much active in terms of updating security, content and keywords etc.

So this means you are more likely to be punctual in order for your website to be in the list of that website, who take their websites seriously which in returns contributes to your higher ranking in SEO.


7) Finding Your Perfect URL:

URL formation can be a tricky task getting to the point that URL is not only effective in SEO but also boosts your website overall image.

Simple URL that state to the point topic is preferred over URLs that have tricky contexts and are long which cause Google to just ignore them.


8) How Fast is Your Website?

The internet is famous for its thrilling speed only.

No one absolutely no one can wait for the site to load in about 2 minutes time even.

If you want to get ranked high you surely need to speed up your site, which causes the search engines to prioritize your web pages.


Hope you find these tips and strategies effective...

May the best website win.

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