Free RSS Feeds For Custom RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms

SEOBM has continued to co-develop Custom Search Engine Optimized RSS Marketing Platforms with one of the oldest RSS technology authorities in the world, Feedreader.com.

Feedreader RSS is completely free software, similar to Google’s feedburner, yet our custom integrated solutions continue to expand Feedreader RSS into one of the most effective SEO Friendly Broadcasting Networks available today, and for many years to come.

There’s absolutely no need to pay for the Free RSS News Feed, but if you really want to make sure your online marketing has the extended reach for your sales converting keyword positioning, SEOBM will customize a solution that attains just that.

RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms For Any Vertical, In Any language.

Our Custom RSS Marketing Platforms are ideal for any language, many of our customers effectively market in Japanese, French, Italian, German as well as English for their keyword optimized multilingual online marketing presence.  These RSS Marketing Platforms Index quickly in all native language directories as well as .com.

Our Custom Multilingual RSS Marketing Platforms allow up to 10 individual RSS feed inputs / channels to display on any one of our existing PR5 – PR8 RSS Marketing Aggregation Sites, or, we can develop out a keyword rich domain and integrate it with our RSS Broadcasting Network.   Here are a few examples of the Custom RSS Marketing Aggregation sites


The beauty of RSS; Real Simple Syndication, has been one of the most popular platforms to enable multiple displays across thousands of news feed aggregation sites, while not being dinged for duplicate content. Our summary displays follow the most popular editorial format used, displaying up to 300 characters of text.

Each feed display is fully supported with the Title Attribute as your live do-follow html backlink to your Feed source.  Our Custom RSS Marketing Feeds meet both Google Panda and Google Fresh quality scores and achieve their own ranking positions while leveraging valuable relevant backlinks to support the sources keyword rankings.


SEOBM Custom RSS Marketing Feeds power up every major Social Media, Social Network and Video sharing site for the ultimate portfolio to extend your Brand Equity and secure valuable online references for Brand and Reputation Management.  Integrate your Facebook RSS Marketing Feeds as exampled.

The additional benefits of RSS Marketing for many is how they are used to establish an organic foundation for reputation management to protect your business with massive references that displace the unfavorable references with those that stick, while significantly extending your brand equity.


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