Google News Does Not Enhance Website Ranking

What is Google News??

Google News is a news site that is generated by the computer. It takes the news headlines from news resources and then groups them on Google News. Google news clusters same type of stories and displays the content according to user’s choices.

 Google News Does Not Enhance Website Ranking 1

What is the value of Google News??

So if Google News does not add up to your ranking then why do you consider it to your site?? The answer it that Google News helps you to capture much more traffic. However, this traffic is not used for your ranking in the search engine. It is the traffic that comes from Google News not from Google search results. It does not help you grab a better ranking in SERP’s.

Alternatively, we can elaborate this by saying that: both Google News and Google regular search engine are distinct kinds of search engines.


Google News contribution in Ranking

If you are thinking of smearing your site with Google News to have a better ranking, then do rethink about it? This shortcut will lead you to nowhere. There is a substantial reason for this. This new trend came up with the view of John Muller about Google News in a recent Google Hangout interview.

Recently Google official, John Muller, stated that “Sites in the Google News do not get enhanced ratings for SERP’s in organic search results. Sites presence on Google News does not help them gain value. The rank in the search results is independent of presence on Google News.”

Google news contribute more toward driving traffic to your site and less in gaining a better ranking. Google does not use it as a prime ranking factor.


Muller’s view about Google News in ranking

Kreason Govendar conducted an interview of John Mueller. A brief summary of what Mueller’s said about the contribution of Google News in ranking is given below.

Govendar asked Muller about influential of that Google News. And also that they have always been seen as imposing sites?

He clarified himself by asking Govendar that if he has been asking about the sites that are in the index of Google News. After that, he gave his view about the question asked.

He said that they are not considered as authoritative because of their presence on Google News. He also clarified that Google News is not considered as somewhat that is taken into account for ranking in SERP’s results. Other factors are considered and are of more importance for this purpose. They are considered separately.

The below link is the video of this interview. This video can help you even more with your queries.


Findings of Google News

So from his interview, the following things can be accessed.



So everything has its value and benefits. As we have discussed in this article that Google News has its advantages, but we cannot link it to the ranking of the website. Google News has come a long way and has brought many benefits as well. Thinking of Google News as a shortcut to achieve a better ranking will not help you achieve what you intend to achieve for your ranking.

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