Google Panda 4.2 Algorithm Rolled Out

Many users and website owners will not notice the changes by Google Panda 4.2 updates even for several more months. Last Google Panda update was launched about 10 months ago. It is said that this update will take one or more months to be completed for all, because it is due to fact that reeling the algorithm is a very slow process.

However, after the Panda update, significant changes in SERPs and Search Engines Results will appear, which will either boost the websites or nearly kill their existence from Google searches. Google has not disclosed the percentage of requests that will be affected by the update. The number of sites or percentage of websites that will be affected is not known for obvious reasons, but it is guessed that 2-3% of English queries will get affected.

Google Panda 4.2 Algorithm Rolled Out 1

Google Panda 4.2 Algorithm Update

First of all, the launch of Google Panda 4.2 would mean that all sites, punished in the previous update, got the chance to improve their position in the issue. But only on condition that they have done everything required for this change.

If the site was hit by "Sanctions" Panda and fix the problem, the immediate effect of improving its position will not be - as already mentioned, the algorithm will change slowly. But over time, webmasters will see improvement in the results of the organic issue for this site.

And it is important to understand that the algorithm itself will not have a tangible impact on the site. The changes can be seen at the level of individual pages.  Meanwhile, the company argued that the impact can be not only negative but also positive. The changes will totally be determined by the quality of the content the website is using.

Last Google Panda update algorithm was launched in September 2014. As till now Panda updates are launched and amended 20 times. But more than 50 Panda updates, seen by specialists, have not been confirmed by representatives of Google. Let us recall that in late April 2015, Google effectively launched the updated algorithm for mobile search, which decreases in the ranking of non mobile friendly sites which did not adapt, use with mobile phones.

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