How to Protect the Unique Content of Blog or Website

Unfortunately, many business, individuals and even new clients face issues of content and work being stolen. It is not getting less in any way believe me, as the more of new TLD's (Top-Level Domains) are offered, the number of websites are increasing dramatically day by day. The more people want to earn money, the more they use nasty tricks of spinning the articles and content and put their names on the label or authors. Some really give you credit by putting your name or your website link that original article was taken from you, but mostly websites don't bother.

Often, this is not out of malice, but small or new sites and online stores usually do not think about the uniqueness of content and try to fill their resources by simply copy content from other sources. In 99% of cases, they don't thought of harming the original source. But in the remaining 1% of cases there is an attempt to deliberately harm the site and drop its ranking, stealing, and extending the network of its content. We will discuss of how to be on a safer side from all this stealing crap.

How to Protect the Unique Content of Blog or Website 1

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Does the theft or content stealing lower ranking or traffic?

If we talk about trusted websites, its like the theft will have virtually no impact on their ranking or traffic. Search Engines perfectly understand who is the real author, and those websites don't suffer. But if it is a young project or new website, the situation changes radically. Copying text can hurt, especially if the thief turned out just the same Trusted website. In that such case, the real source document may no longer be considered as such and get a penalty and lead to less traffic even lost rankings.

If the content on the website, as a whole, is unique, it suffers only the page from which the text has been stolen. If non-unique material goes beyond a reasonable quantity or number, it can hurt the entire website.

This of course we do not allow, but the theft of materials with individual pages happens. If nothing is done in time, we can see a similar picture:

How to Protect the Unique Content of Blog or Website 2

How has the situation changed after the return of the uniqueness of the content, see below.

If the content is still pulled, and our site at risk of losing the status of the source, the text is usually rewritten. This is much faster and, ultimately, cheaper than fighting for the removal of the copied material on other sites. Especially if the content already appeared on several resources.

What can be done for Fast and Free to protect the unique content?

Way to protect the unique content against theft of 100% is not attainable. But at the same time, 99% of thefts committed by people are with low competence, and therefore enough to complicate their lives - and they immediately go to look, where you can pull text without unnecessary problems, leaving your site alone.

Usually content theft fighting can be stop with one of the following ways:

Several people have evil master mind and they use content scrappers and scripts parsers. In this case it becomes harder to defend. For these cases we can try to catch them using bots, logs and ban them, barring access to the site.

You can use a clever options for such cases, for example, the so-called "Method of Chipmunk", which worked well, especially if the anti-theft protection is almost impossible, as is the case with automatic parsing content. But it largely lost its relevance with the departure of the past rental references.

In addition to direct protection, it is important to understand that the theft of content are not fighting simply because stealing is bad, and in view of the adverse effects on the ranking of the site, if it loses the status of the source. It is important that search engines understand that the author is you. This will help you to fast indexing of new or updated pages. To do this, you must correctly configure and update file generated sitemap.xml, and use it to update the search engines to check your sitemap from time to time, which result in faster indexing of website. A good solution might be using Twitter for your latest posts and tweet them, which helps drive the pages in the index for a few minutes.

Earlier I gave the example of what happened with the positions after the theft of content. But that was after the return of uniqueness:

How to Protect the Unique Content of Blog or Website 3

Obviously, the traffic on this first page down, and then returned to the previous level with the positions.

What if the text content is stolen?

It is necessary, first of all, to accept that's what - if you have visited the site, the content you read is yours, you can contact the administrators to remove your content. After removing any copied content from other sites, your promoted resource position will be restored after sometime. But it takes a considerable time to negotiate, the subsequent re-indexing and removal of a penalty.

Therefore, we recommend one of the solution described above, the protection that will minimize possible losses. In the case of a particularly brazen thieves can go on personal contact, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

So, please share how do you protect your content? If you think we are missing any new way to protect the unique content of your blog or website, please share with us in comments.

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