How to Improve your Ranking on Google My Business

Do you have a business online? Want to improve your ranking on Google My business? If the answer is yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, I will show you how you can improve your local listing/ ranking doing some simple things. But first, you should know what Google My Business is and how it works?

What is Google My Business:

Google My Business is a platform for businesses to appear online. This means that with Google My Business, you can have an online presence on the most powerful search engine Google. Google My Business lists the businesses on 3 platforms which include Google+, Google Maps and Map Maker. You have to register as a business on Google My Business to appear on these 3 platforms. After you register and provide necessary information to Google, Google will automatically list you on these 3 platforms. After you are listed online on these platforms, you can choose different techniques to improve your ranking on Google My Business.

Google ranks local listings on the basis of 3 variables which are relevance, distance, and prominence. These 3 variables are critical factors on which your ranking depends and if you want to be rank better, you would need to change these 3 variables. Let’s see how these 3 variables affect your ranking and how you can improve your ranking using these variables.


Relevance means how much your website’s data matches with the search result of certain keywords. This means that if a person searches Italian restaurants, Google will display results that are more relevant with the local listed Italian restaurants. Relevance can be increased by adding complete information about your business and by using keywords that match most of the user searches. Relevance can dramatically increase your ranking on Google My Business because Google has announced that they will use relevance as a factor for ranking.


Distance means the distance of the business from the user’s search location. Google basically shows users, the most nearest places from the search location. Suppose, if a user searches Chinese Restaurants, Google will show the Chinese restaurants that are nearest to the location of the user.


Prominence means how much your business is well-known in the country, city or market. Prominent places are those which are well-known either offline or both online and offline. Some prominent places include public parks, restaurants, museums, courts etc. Prominence is a critical factor for ranking the businesses because it is based on the actual offline well-reputed places.

Prominence can also mean online good will of the businesses which may be formed due to the reviews, pros and cons of the business. Good prominent sites are those that have good reviews published by users. These reviews are very important for the ranking of the website. If the reviews are positive, Google will rank the website better but if the reviews are negative, Google will rank the business negatively.

These are the variables through which your online ranking on Google My Business can be improved. If you still can’t find your business online on a good ranking than this may be because you have not followed the following steps:

You have not entered complete data:

First of all, you should provide Google with complete data of your business and its location. If you enter complete data regarding your business, there are more chances that your business will match the search keywords. The more relevancies of the keywords with the data provided will result in higher ranking on Google.

You have not verified your location:

After entering the location of the business, you must have to verify the location of the business. Google will send a letter, with a code in it, to the address of the business and you will need to verify that code by entering it on the Google My Business Website. Google will not list your business unless you verify the location.

You have not specified your business hours:

You have to specify your business hours so that Google can tell the users whether you are open at time of search or not. Specifying business hours will help make your ranking better on Google My Business.

You have not added photos of your business:

Make sure you post photos of your business because people are more likely to visit a business that can be seen in pictures. Adding photos of your business will definitely help you rank better on Google My Business.

You are not responding to the reviews regarding your business:

As reviews make your business more prominent, they can also negate the prominence if not properly answered. You should make sure that you reply to every positive or negative feedback with a positive attitude. This small thing can help you make your business more prominent.

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