In the near future Google will get rid of doorway pages

What makes you so much confident that your website is 100% safe and alright? Google is again changing its search results algorithms, which will affect your website badly if you are using doorway pages.

Google will not allow extradition in doorway pages - sites that are optimized for one or more search terms (to get into the top Google search positions), and in some later stage redirect them to another site. People intend to make these type of websites to attract visitors on one keyword mainly and redirecting them to some other page which the website owner actually wants.

Doorway pages in the search engines to promote much easier, than to promote the site directly. Google said that for a long time following the trend of creating entire grids doorways that spoils the search results.

Google Doorway Pages

Here are some of the examples of websites which may be using doorway pages:

Exactly when the new ranking algorithms will take effect is not yet known. As after the Google Panda Update has already made many website rankings to be disturbed badly, example of which is EzineArticles. Now after this update the websites using Doorway Pages, will get hurt badly. It is better if you are somehow have using this trick unintentionally, its time to check your website content again get rid of issues quickly, else you will find yourself in some later pages of Google.

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