Independent Dental Practices Drive RSS Marketing

The Federal Healthcare Reform approved in 2010 includes several provisions related to dental and oral health that will increase the number of patients who can receive treatment, thereby boosting industry revenue.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) states that pediatric dental care must be included as part of the minimum essential coverage for individuals through the state-run health exchanges. Pediatric Medicaid expansion plans also provide growth opportunities for the Dental industry because this market segment has an unmet need. Increased government funding from the PPACA will likely lead to profit-margin expansion opportunities given the anticipated higher demand in pediatric practices, while predicting lower demand for lower margin dental lab work.

These factors and their lucrative profit margins have spurned the growth of dental practice management companies (DPMCs), which are large companies that provide services for multiple dental industry offices under the guise of cost reductions which it touts as “shared costs for better business”. Since these companies also buy independent practices, their growing dominance is leading to potential industry consolidation. Thus lower profits for new members and long term contractual obligations to keep them from independent practice and escaping the no-compete clauses for several years.

What happens to independent practices in the “shared costs better business”?

Typical of the DPMC’s is the pre-packaged online footprint it offers to the independent practices, a simple array of what these DPMC’s are touting as Search Engine Optimized (SEO), websites, back-end patient management and cloud based patient connection / interaction systems, that historically have less than 3.5% engagement among the actual patients.   Their inspiring, compelling and beautiful Snake Oil visualizations, all web hosted by the DPMC’s, have more fluff than essentials for the growth of an independent practice.

The Bottom line for independents like Mesa AZ orthodontist Dr Tyler Robison of Robison Orthodontics and The Robison Dental Group, a Mesa AZ Dentist Gary Robison, is the fact that their territory is going to be defined based on enrollment and service saturation, thus your practices extended reach and potential for expansion is severely limited, especially in the higher profit margin arena of Pediatrics and Orthodontics. And as far as SEO, it’s simply your name and practice, nothing for the search engines to distinguish you from any other practice, which mean nothing more for you than your name, and Google forbid, there are same and similar names among the territory you once may have commanded online with your keyword optimized marketing website(s) and online assets.

Dental Industry Marketing For Independent Practices.

Every website and online asset is treated independently by the major search engines based on the keywords, content, images, meta data, relevant and authoritative  backlinks it gains and maintains for sustained growth.

Feedreader RSS Technology for Dental Practices Website SEO and Custom RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms for Orthodontics are the preferred SEO Tools to attain your top ranking positions for the keywords your targeted audience is using to find your services, in your desired locations, and how the integration of these best practices is leveraged to create the most effective referral network in the industry for true shared cost reductions and better business.

Chose a custom designed and developed website for your dental industry practice and enjoy how a fully optimized online practice can attain independent growth with lower costs of acquisition for better profits.

If your practice is an Orthodontist in Mesa, Gilbert Arizona, Start with a Fully Developed and Keyword Optimized Website that integrates the best practices in Social Media, News and RSS Marketing for Independent Practice growth and expansion.


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