Link Building Myths & Techniques for Better SEO

What is link building?

Link building is a way of liking the pages that are not the part of your website to single or multiple pages on your site using a hyperlink. This increases the traffic to your website thereby giving your website a better ranking. It is a commonly used practice for search engine optimization.

By far there are none of the matrices that have been proved as a sure shot success for better SEO. However, many of the modifications are quite fruitful.

Importance of link building

What is the importance of link building?

Why are people and search engine optimization care about it?

Its importance is evident from the fact that it helps you grab an excellent traffic for your website. This will contribute to achieving a better ranking in SEO. Google see the links like the favor for your site. Ultimately you are given a higher ranking in SEO.

However, this is not always true, because of NoFollow and DoFollow rel attribute assigned in HTML hyperlink reference. This makes the search engine bots help to either continue crawling the web link or stop the horses immediately. Use of NoFollow rel attribute is basically to remove bad links like Sign In links to be removed from website links from search engine results. Further information can be found on Google Support on Use rel="nofollow" for specific links page, where they have briefly explained what to do and how to do.

Trends of link building in 2016

Every year brings up its changes and modifications with itself. So what can we do to be up to the mark for link building? There have been many things have been done in 2015 about link building. Let us first have a glimpse of these modifications.

Penguin update

In 2012, Google realized that quality of many of the link was not up to the mark. Since then Google has bypassed any method that generates links automatically and without any manual intervention.

Version 1.0 of Penguin algorithm is quite a lot. However, it is continuously updated to give up to mark and authentic results. According to updated, the changes must are must be done to strategies that are involved in link building. With the use of penguin, it was made possible to detect the newness and superiority of links.

Evasion of link building

In 2015, with the comment of John Muller, a contradiction occurred between SEO experts.  He said that he would avoid link building himself. This created a fuss all around. Most of the SEO expert that link building is very crucial. However, this contradiction was settled down after Muller made his statement clear. He was referring to the out of date ways of link building.

Finicky publishers

When the websites do not have the attractive, engaging and influencing content, they try to attract people by publishing content by taking comments from guests. However now things have changed, and website owners avoid this practice. Now there is much more awareness in publisher to pick up the type of content that best suits their website.


Major Concerns for Link Building for SEO in 2016


Now we will be dwelling our attention to the trends that we must follow for link building in 2016.


Accurate and exact sources

The first step that you have to take is to find a right kind of sources for linking to your website. You cannot just build links to your website on any of the random sites and without consideration. The websites that you want to be linked toward your website must satisfy some matrices. They must be respectable and relevant at the same time. If the website fulfills these two matrices only, then you should think them valuable for linking.


Reliable and authentic content

No matter whether you are considering the content of your website or of some external website, the content must satisfy some standards to become valuable. Originality, engagement, well-researched, in-depth, aesthetically pleasing and appropriately organized are some of such standards. The link below gives an insight into valuable and helpful content writing.

Forbes Link

Multiplicity of strategies

If you want to use Whitehat rules mentioned by Google Penguin update, then you must have to get rid of the bad thing and stick to a single plan forever. You have to bring diversity to your strategies and plans. As things and trends keep on changing so to walk along them, diversity is a very important factor.

Rating your Rndeavors

If you have brought multiplicity within your strategies, this is not the only way to be successful. In combination with multiplicity, you must use some criteria for evaluation of your efforts and campaigns. If you keep the check and balance of these factors only then, you will be successful.



There are a variety of thoughts about link building. For some it is important and for some, it is just vague. However, nothing is useless. It does help you in seeking for a better and well-recognized ranking in the search engine. That, in turn, adds up to your authenticity and credibility.

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