Linking Building: Important Factor for Better Ranking

Many factors are responsible for ranking in Google. Time to time these factors are increasing in number. Among these factors, the one that is considered as the most important is link building. Link building has changed a lot since it started.

What is Link Building?

It is the process of linking other websites externally to your site. It is an important factor in search engine optimization. It increases the click rates to your websites and ultimately increases the overall traffic to your website.

By far link building has been changed tremendously. Link building adds a lot to your site. Its power is even more if you have succeeded to link your website with authorized and reliable sources.

Link building practices in past

Many methods have changed now for link building strategy. Some of the factors that were practiced in past are given below.

However with time, these trends are changing rapidly. Search engines are now actually changing their evaluation matrices for links. These can even prove to be destructive for them. The trends that are nowadays in practice are delivering the high-quality content on your website, acquiring and retaining links from similar, relevant and authoritative sites and removing spam links from your site.

Presently used link building practices

Following are some of the factors that are currently practiced.

Do such work that you do not have to think of ways for grabbing links. Your work should speak for yourself. Providing the content that satisfies their needs and makes their content is preferable.

Take advantage of the keywords in your content according to what regular user will think of. Try to be simple and avoid complexities. The content improves the user experience and ultimately add up to your traffic rate. For this content must be well organized, informative and should be without any repetition. When the users are satisfied, they will have a good impression. Moreover, this impression will bring them back to your website.

When launching a new kind of content a better way is to publish it through paid media. This will help your content to reach a larger audience.

Keep the complete track of all your existing links. Do a continuous monitoring of the links for improvement. Know about the pitfalls and try to remove them.

Be sure about the fact that your links are appropriate. Make your user comfortable by providing extras and valuable information as far as possible. User experience is one of the matrixes that is taken into consideration by Google.

Keep track of the fatalities you face after losing high quality and reliable sites. If somehow you lose these links then be in touch with the webmaster to get back all your valuable links. If you do not pursue to overcome this loss, then you will suffer from a downbeat impact.

You should also keep the track of malicious links on your website. Malicious links are the ones that have an adverse effect and can result in bad penalties. These can include spam links and blogs, paid links and links from illegal sites.


Links are not only meant for linking other websites toward your site. They are also present in search engines when users search in browsers. They are mainly built for the purpose of clicking. Moreover, are also considered by Google as one of the ranking factors. As links are associated with these things and many others this puts emphasis to think about link building in a more careful manner.

Moreover, the user experience is directly proportional to the click rates. Once users will be content with your website they will keep on coming back and will give you a better traffic rate plus the better rank in SERP’s.

The primary concern should be the quality of links, not the quantity. Because better ranking is all about who is the one that is trusted more. Rather than the one that has more backlinks.

Written by Sidra Aleem

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