Local SEO Challenges for Small Business

What is local SEO?

Local SEO refers to the optimization for local search results. It consists of a plug-in that makes your website visible in Google Maps. It give results on the basis of current location. Google search queries now contain more “near me” searches. Google has found that such searches have increased up to 92%. This trend showed

Google search queries now contain more “near me” searches. Google has found that such searches have increased up to 92%. This trend showed increase with the advent of smartphones. These phones have internet access and have made the need of local visibility of much more importance than ever.

These smartphones have internet access and have made the need of local visibility of much more importance than ever.

Local SEO for Small Business

Local SEO for small business

SEO for small business seems to be simple, but in reality it is much more complex than the larger business. Many factors reveal more and complicated challenges for small businesses. Common problems are as follows.


Common problems in terms of  Local SEO for Small Business are as follows.


The major drawback with small business that is responsible for the setback is short time.

Keyword stuffing, inconsistent and infrequent content, proper maintenance and proper web page optimization are the factors that need proper time and attention. While small business owners are already running out of time.

They do not think these factors to be taken under proper consideration.


For any kind of business to be successful there must be proper team formulation. So they can take off their individual tasks and by the end give the optimal results.

In larger businesses there is a special team of workers devoted only for keeping an eye on search engine trends, competitors and also for learning techniques for enhancement.

Small businesses have limited staff who has already going with extra workload, so there is no staff and also time to modify their activities and trends.


Content is one of the most important factor that plays a vital role in gaining higher ranking.

Small businesses do not have much time to keep updating their website, posting fresh content, related ads etc.

As all of these activities require time consumption so small companies fail in this context.


The information that is of prime importance for getting high ranking of search engines is NAP’s. It stands for Name, Address and Phone number.

It is sometimes referred as NAP+W where W is for website. For checking the existence of any business local search engines use directories and lists.

There can be a lot of confusion between the businesses.

Small business does not pay focus on this matter. Even a change of apostrophe results in the retrieval of different results.

Small business has to go through a major break when it comes to get a place in the listing of local directories.


All the businesses go through a variety of changes with a blink of an eye.

You might think that your current company name is not suitable and you change it.

The changes must be brought on your domain name over the web. And this change must be brought to all the search engines.

It should not happen that with every of the search engine the information displayed changes.

For this purpose companies should hire a specific person to bring all such changes in a consistent manner. Because of limited resources and staff that cannot be achieved with small businesses.


These days you must have account of your business on all the renowned social media networking sites. From these sites viewers can get a quick glimpse about your business. All of this requires money as

All of this requires money as


The availability of limited money and resources set back small businesses to earn money to impressive extent of money being earned by such ways.


It is widely spread belief that most of the businesses are made to target only Google, but the reality is there are many other leading search engines.

So all the search engines must be given equal importance. Still this is the issue of complete research and money which limits the growth of small businesses.

You need to follow all the steps so that you don't miss any point which may lack in terms of SEO for your website and business.


Small businesses think that link building is important in promoting the overall building the business.

They pay for such links that are not worthy and think it as a merit of high ranking.

However the quality of inbound link is that matters to SEO.


Smaller businesses have smaller side and also a fewer number of the pages.

That puts constraints on the number of keywords and phrases. It also limits the search engine to retrieve these sites.

You can Analyze SEO ranking and how fruitful your business website is working and which points you need to cover first to make your homepage best, fast and optimized for search engines.


Smaller business cannot afford paid software.

They rely on free and trial version of software, with limited functionalities.

Their budget does not let them but the up to date and best version of software.



Small businesses can enhance their local SEO merely by giving attention to few of the factors. Managing budget and time can bring the fruitful results.

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