Mobile Friendly Website is Must Now

We are living in a world where technology changes frequently and the businesses need to change according to the technology to be competitive in the market. The example of such changing technology is a shift of internet users from desktop / laptop computers towards smartphones.

As more and more people are shifting towards smartphones to access the internet, the mobile friendly sites are a must. In today’s environment when 80% of the smartphone users browse and search the internet from smartphones because of  which most of the website businesses have shifted towards making a mobile friendly site for their potential customers.

The businesses need a mobile optimized or responsive website for the following reasons:

As of April 21, 2015 Google is using mobile friendliness as a factor for website ranking along with other factors. According to Google, Mobile friendliness will increase the user’s experience as Google search will display more high quality and more relevant search results which are optimized for user’s mobile device. This initiative was taken after a research has been conducted on the increasing mobile internet users.


As part of the above initiative, Google also penalizes websites with non-mobile friendly interface. This was done in response to the fact that it is not necessary to access the internet through a desktop or a laptop computer. Mobile usage is increasing day-by-day and according to Google almost 1.2 billion internet users surf the internet through smartphones. Google recognizes the need of the internet users and that’s why it is trying to take initiatives to make the experience of mobile internet users more realistic and satisfactory.


According to the research conducted by Google, almost 1.2 billion people are accessing internet through their smartphones. This accounts for more than 80% of the total internet users. As more and more people are using internet through mobile devices, mobile friendly sites are a necessity. If someone wants to increase the traffic on his/her website, he/she must have a mobile friendly site because more than 80% internet users are online through their mobile devices.


Almost 10 years ago, people were using desktop computers for online purchases but now, the trend is changing. According to a recent study, it has been found out that almost 51% of all the purchases online are facilitated through mobile devices. The shift of online purchases from desktop/laptop computers towards mobile devices is expected to grow up to 70% till 2017. In this changing environment, if a website owner thinks he can survive with a non-mobile friendly interface, he is wrong. The need for mobile purchasing is increasing and mobile friendly sites are a must in this changing environment.


Mobile screens are different from those of desktop/laptop computers and the page designing strategies for mobile devices are also different. Mobile screens are more sensitive and need mobile optimized sites for a richer and better experience. So, developers when designing landing pages; should consider mobile page designing strategies for better performance. Consider the example below:


Mobile Friendly Website vs Non Mobile Friendly Website


After watching the above example, which website do you think mobile users will prefer?

The answer to the question is obvious; mobile users will prefer the mobile optimized website.


Social media usage is a hot trend these days and almost 90% people access internet to use social media websites. A few years back, people were not using social media so frequently like they are using it now, mainly because of the reason that access to social media has been made easier through social media apps. People can use social media apps on their mobile devices and can access social media anytime and anyplace. In today’s environment, businesses are using social media platforms to advertise and market their business because it is the cheapest method for advertisement. As more and more people are accessing social media through their mobile phones, the need for mobile optimized websites is inevitable.


Mobile advertising has a lot of potential because almost 80% of the internet traffic is through mobile devices. There is a huge opportunity for small and medium businesses to use mobile advertising to increase traffic to their sites. According to a study, mobile advertising is still undervalued because most of the businesses are still using traditional methods for advertisement. This creates an opportunity for businesses to use mobile advertising and increase their traffic but this opportunity will not be available for long, so, start using it now and increase your traffic.


Mobile responsiveness of a website means that to what extent it is optimized to be used on mobile devices. It is a great influential factor for businesses because mobile users are more likely stay on the website that is properly optimized for their mobile device. So, we can say that websites that are more mobile responsive result in better user experience.

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