SEO for a New Website: When Should it be Considered?

There is a variety of different views are encountered about SEO. Some people think that it is dead while other believe that it plays a keys role to earn you grace over the web. It has always been an exciting time for the SEO industry. Mobilegeddon update penalised may of the websites that were lagging behind the standard competition.

Now the question arises that when to consider the SEO for a new website? Is there any similarity between SEO for a new website and the already designed website? Let us discuss the things that are required for SEO of a new website.

SEO elements on website

There is a variety of the elements on you site that are important for SEO. They are critical to give attention. Among them, one is link building, but there are the proper rules for link building that must be followed.

The title tag is of prime importance for all the websites whether it is already built a website or a new one. This is not only the place where SEO looks for the keyword, but it is also the title of your page that will be seen to user. Leaving it empty brings problem for optimisation. The title of the most important pages must be specified and the title of every page must be unique.

There was a time when Meta tag was considered one of the factors for the ranking of a website/ webpage but the things have undergone a drastic change now. Descriptions and keywords can be specified using this tag.

Making use of WordPress for your domain this will bring you benefits. It brings much ease to you for the addition of title tags and Meta tags with the help of the free plug-in. These plug-in include “All in One SEOPlatinum SEO, and SEO by Yoast”. You can be aided more by gaining suggestions in the matter of SEO from taking help from plug-in like Scribe SEO.


Developers buy so many links for their website because they think the number of the links is important. This will increase the click rates and will bring more traffic to your website. However, the quality of inbound link matters to SEO so choose internal links wisely. Moreover, after Google updated to Penguin algorithm it is waste of money to buy links. The way out to this problem is to give attention to your content and earn links by yourself.

Heading tags let you make the size of different headings according to by keeping in mind wheatear it is a heading or a subheading. It will make the different sections of your content and ultimately it will bring two benefits. One is that it will help the users to go directly to the information they require and secondly it will also facilitate SEO to know about the content of each section with much ease.

Make use of conventional naming for the images being displayed on your website. Apart from them make use of ALT tags. What these tags do is that when the user moves the cursor over the image, then a “Tool Tip Text” is displayed. What this text tells about the image is about, or image is of which thing? So when SEO searched for image results, it will help it know from these keywords to know the image.

The use of bolded text refers to the importance of the content. Without is your content will have the same effect as that of a conversation that is done without making use of pauses, expressions, and breaks. So make use of bolded text. It is noticed that bolded text grabs the attention of user more than that of plain text.

When is the Best Time to Plain for SEO?

We cannot go back in time and tune up ourselves for SEO. also we cannot undo what we already have done. If you want to make a mark, then you must take right and suitable steps for the purpose now. Have made a new website, but you did the whole of thing without keeping SEO in mind, then it is time for you to gear up and take the appropriate steps for this purpose.

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