Is Pagespeed Important for Better Website Ranking

Pagespeed can be defined as the measurement of time taken by the website to load completely. Pagespeed has become a crucial factor in ranking websites, because in 2010 Google announced that it will use pagespeed for ranking of websites.

Although, it was not made clear how pagespeed can be used to rank websites. For a better understanding of how pagespeed can affect website ranking, let us first consider types of pagespeed.

Pagespeed can be described into two types; one is “page load time” and the other is “time to first byte”.

Page load time is the time taken by the website to load completely and the time to first byte is the time taken by the browser to receive information from server. As Google didn’t clarify of how it will use pagespeed for website ranking, it is not sure whether Google uses “page load time” or “time to first byte” to rank website.

But some researches have been conducted to find out which criterion is being used. One such research was conducted by Billy Hoffman which is published on Moz. In his findings, he “identified that page load time” had a very little impact or no impact on the ranking of the websites and there was no direct relation between ranking and “page load time”. However, “time to first byte” had a reasonable impact on the ranking of websites. So, according to Billy, Google might be using “time to first byte” to identify the speed of the websites and to rank them. Some other researches had similar results and Billy Hoffman concludes that “time to first byte” is used as pagespeed by Google.

In light of the above given conclusions, it is clear that Google is using pagespeed as a factor for ranking websites. This means that websites which are slower are ranked lower and the websites with faster loading speed are ranked higher. So, the developers should make websites faster to rank better.

There are many causes for slower loading of websites which include the following:

Tools for making web pagespeed faster:

Different tools are available online for making you page faster. Some of the tools are:

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