How a Website’s Quality Score is a Major Factor in PPC Campaigns

Pay per click marketing is not a new concept but it is the most widely used marketing strategy in these recent years. Websites use pay per click campaigns to promote their businesses online. Pay per click marketing is the most effective strategy when it comes to online advertising. PPC is basically the amount an advertiser pays for every click on its ad. PPC campaigns depend upon the website’s quality score which is a score on a 1 to 10 numbered scale issued by Google. This means that the amount you pay per click can be reduced through a website’s quality score.

Website’s Quality Score:

A website’s quality score means how good the quality of the content is and the overall relevance of the PPC ads and keywords. This means that if the ads and keywords used are more relevant and of high quality, the website’s quality score will be better on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher quality score means lower pay per click amount. This means that website’s quality score is a major factor in pay per click campaigns. The quality score of any website depends on the following factors:

Quality score of the website can be controlled by controlling all above factors. Though it is not clear which factor mostly affects the website’s quality score but in some recent studies, it has been revealed that website’s click through rate may be a major factor which affects website’s quality score most often.

What steps should be taken to increase quality score of the website in PPC campaigns?

A website’s quality score can be increased if we make slight changes in the factors on which quality score depends upon. The changes in the factors can be on following grounds:

New and improved keywords can increase the quality score of the website, so make sure you constantly search for new and improved keywords. Also, organize keywords in categories so that they can be used more effectively. Constant searching and organizing keywords are very effective in increasing quality score of your website.

Make sure your keywords are more relevant to the PPC ads because if your keywords are not relevant to the ads content, visitors are not going to remain on your website for long, and thus cannot be converted into customers. If a visitor finds more relevant keywords to the PPC ads, he/she is more likely to come back on the page and can be more likely to be converted into customer.

Ad text copy refers to the main text of an advertisement. The ad text copy should be more specifically targeted towards individual ad groups. This is the best method to increase the quality score of the website because, with this technique, higher CTR can be achieved.

Landing page is the page on which traffic is redirected when visitors click on an advertisement. The landing pages should contain high quality and most relevant data to the PPC ads. This is called optimizing the landing pages. The webpages should be properly optimized so that the visitors can be converted into customers. As the visitors will find the data on the landing pages more relevant to the PPC ads, they are more likely to remain on the page and buy from the website.

Irrelevant keywords should be eliminated from the PPC ads as they are only wasting your budget. This means that you should continuously search for new keywords and exclude all irrelevant or old keywords that are not being used now.

It can be seen from above-given arguments that, quality score depends mostly on the relevancy and quality of the keywords, ad text copy, landing pages and the click through rate of the website. The higher quality score means lower PPC cost for the advertiser. This means that if you use high quality and relevant keywords and an organized ad text copy with the most relevant landing pages, your cost per click can be reduced.

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