PPC Mistakes and Fixing Old Links

What is PPC?

The most important thing to know actually is PPC, which is the abbreviation of pay per click. This is the marketing strategy in which promoters pay a fee for each time their ads are clicked. This is a way of attracting the visitors toward your site. Search engine advertisement is most practised form of PPC.

Whenever the PPC account manager changes then some problems occur. You cannot understand why the previous manager has done the things this way. You get confused with things and get stuck.


PPC Mistakes

Some of the PPC mistakes are as follow.

Branded keywords make use of brand names and company names. While non-branded campaigns do not include company and brand names. Some of the problems occur when the PPC account manager changes.

For some reason, you think that a non-branded campaign should have a brand name. However, the previous manager thought the non-branded campaign would do well. You change it according to what you think is right. This will lead customers to confusions.

The possible reason for this can be the pressure on a former emergency. They might be under pressure for sustaining the campaigns. So they used branded names with non-branded campaigns and expected not to get noticed.

If you are publishing your content all over you will not have the much space for other campaigns. Your money and energy will be served up on these campaigns, and you will just stick with it.

A PPC account that was managed previously by another manager has many of the campaigns that need less amount of money per month. However, theses do not return you much. So there should not be such stuff in your account.

These mistakes occur because PPC managers barely keep the track of their accounts and overall campaigns. They are always busy in handling many factors. S they do not do analysis on the regular basis for keeping the overall record.

What is Pay Per Click?

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Remarketing to the entire US with state-specific Ads

The aim of the former agency was to deliver the targeted ads to the states in which the clients were more likely to do business. For this purpose, they generated state-specific ads. These ads have the names of states on ads.

This is an excellent effort, but however when the PPC account was seen it came out that the target was set to the US for all the ads. This can be because of the inexperience of the PPC manager.

Link Rot

Link rot is also known as many other names. Like link breaking, link death and also as reference rot. It is the process due to which hyperlinks on websites or internet point to such pages, resources, and servers that are permanently unavailable for any reason.

A study showed that the pages that have the age of 9.3 years, there are 38% chances that they will not the desired resource.

Importance of content for web ecosystem

Almost all the users want the exact and reliable information in response to the queries they give to search engines. The web pages that have not been updated for a longer duration fail to provide meaningful and useful information. Many of the times it happens that a link takes you a site, another link on that site takes to you another site and this process continue. Moreover, you fail to find what you were looking for?

Lack of proper documentation and accurate information will make the web an echo chamber. This chamber will lead users to nowhere.

However, scholars and all those who require the complete information do not want to get trapped in this mess. All the need is accuracy and trustworthiness. This problem can be overcome by a process of content ecology.

Content Ecology

The two types of strategies that are used by content ecologist are:

Some amendments for link rot solution

In link rot, there is not always the need for replacement. Certain modifications can be done. Some of these are listed below.

Avoid being an intrusive

Below are some strategies that should be avoided.

The content should be accurate and reliable. Because users do not want any kind of that leads them to anywhere. So the content should be well written and should meet high-quality matrices

The sales pages grab links only in two cases. Either they are incredibly informative, or they have gained popularity because of some other reason

Do not copy from dead links and resources and claim it as yours. Because Google takes sit as copyright infringement



Always proceed with a proper and well-defined goal. This will help you to move forward in a particular direction, and all the irrelevant paths will prune. Ultimately goal achievement will become accessible.

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