Using Right Type of Keywords Enhance your SEO Strategy

Keywords are crucial to your every field of SEO campaign, on-site placement, and achievement. Selection of keywords can either earn you a big success or can even fail your strategy. Keywords can take you to reach much out to a greater online community and bringing the link. There are plenty of views that what type of keywords to be used? However, we will look at seven types of keywords and how they are used in SEO tactics.

Using Right Type of Keywords Enhance your SEO Strategy 1


These are the words and terms that are used by your target audience when they talk about your business. They are usually broad and fundamental. It is quite difficult to get ranking using them. However, they are highly valuable.

For on-page optimization, they are very crucial. They aid you highly in content creation. Using these keywords in your core and generic questions will help you craft great content. This will bring you benefit.

Using Right Type of Keywords Enhance your SEO Strategy 2

Market-defining keywords can be used for link acquisition. However, manual link building is not attractive these days. However, it is better than any other way.

These are the keywords that the clients use to describe themselves. So how can you know about these keywords? Ask yourself about what their clients call them? How do they call others in their groups? These questions will guide you about such keywords.

Using Right Type of Keywords Enhance your SEO Strategy 3

These are beneficial as they will help you find the people that are related to your target audience. By using these terms you can clearly get an idea about them. You can know the ways in which your audience communicates. By using this knowledge, you can craft your website accordingly. These keywords are important for creating a relationship with your customers. When you get to know your customers you can craft your content more quickly, build linking according to them and you will become clearer contextually.

These keywords are the services and products that you are selling. You should make use of brand names while talking about products. Like if you are a computer seller then utilize brand names: MacBook Pro, Lenovo, HP. What is the reason for using these brand names? These can help you to meet the specific demands of your customers.

Furthermore, you can create segments that are related to different products. Within these segments specific products are present. Within segments link building can also be done. These keywords can specifically aid you in crafting content for the particular audience.

These are the respected and well-known individuals in your market segment. These people are known to everyone. These keywords can enhance your efforts. These can help you gain PR and apart from that you can grab your targeted traffic.

Using Right Type of Keywords Enhance your SEO Strategy 4

If you are not aware that who these particular people are? Then some places to look for them are Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. You can learn a lot of thigs by communicating with them with on social platform. When you get to know them, you will better present yourself.


When you keep track on your rivalries, then you get to know that how your rivals are dealing with the customers. By keeping track of this, you can know that who is doing well on the sites and blogs. Digging for details, you can have the idea that what are they using which is giving them a boost.


These terms can include from your suppliers to customers in your industry. However, it is necessary that there should be a clear bond of them with your audience. These keywords can bring new opportunities to you and can help you grow.  These can assist you with making an online community. When you create a community, you can deliver your messages to the much wider audience.

These type of keywords are specifically for local ranking. When you are using geo-target keywords, then you are focusing on your audience from a local perspective. According to statistics of Google 50% consumers conducted a local search on mobile phones and visited the places. Also, 34% of the users did a local search on computers and laptops and visited the area. As Local SEO is a great way of reaching out to a wider audience. You should work on Geo-targeted keywords.



When working with keywords, you have to be patient. You need to work consistently and continue digging for better approaches. When you are choosing right keywords, then you will have a community. Moreover, your messages will reach out to a wider audience.

Author: Sidra Aleem

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