RSS KeywordSEO For Video Marketing

What Is KeywordSEO?

The Keyword is “SEO”, regardless of what tactics you leverage, there is nothing more effective when it comes to gaining the Top Ranking Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN,  for your Online Assets than Keyword Rankings.  Simply put, KeywordSEO is not simply slinging anchor text links and volumes of comments and mentions. KeywordSEO is about leveraging your keywords with the Search Engine Optimized inclusion of the semantics for immediate and latent indexing, the building of a unique linguistic database within all assets and integrating them for the most effective relational directory listing results.    KeywordSEO works for any vertical in any locale and language.

KeywordSEO Integration and RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms:

Effectively Integrating KeywordSEO within the best performing mediums, multimedia channels, communities, platforms, local places and local listings maps, is the ultimate strategy to gain rapid Brand Equity.  Follow a few simple rules and incorporate RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms within the campaign and enjoy the benefits of editorial formatted KeywordSEO mentions to bolster your “Google Fresh” value.   Believe me, this isn’t something we merely stumbled upon, “Stumbleupon” remains one of the most high valued referral networks there is, if you leverage KeywordSEO effectively.

Video Marketing KeywordSEO With Youtube And RSS-SEO Marketing Platforms:

After announcing its 6th birthday in 2011, and now posting more than 48 hours of video content every minute, effective KeywordSEO, simply put, is “The Only Way” to get your video ranking outside of Youtube in the SERP’s.   In many cases, “Indented Positioning” with Professional KeywordSEO services.   No longer the “Pranks”,  “Parody”, “Comedy”, “Sports” , “Music”, “Celebrity”  and “How-To” Community much overlooked by businesses for their product and service marketing versus branding along side the themes of the top 7 categories, Youtube KeywordSEO Videos, and most certainly the KeywordSEO Channels are achieving Laser Targeted Sales Converting Videos in the Top SERP’s in seconds, especially when integrated with our “RSS-SEO Video Marketing Platforms” .     Here is one of the original pilots (now a PR6 ) we put together on one of our RSS-SEO Video Marketing Platforms which provides a stream of High Value KeywordSEO backlinks to one of our many Joint Venture Youtube Channels.

Facebook KeywordSEO For Your Top SERP’s

Building Brand Equity while gaining sales converting keyword positioning within Facebook is all about leveraging KeywordSEO best practices.  The secondary benefits are affording many their controlled “Online Reputation Management” high value references.  Outside the presence of your website(s), WEB 3.0 and variety of online assets, Facebook has significant “Sticking” power, and many miss this opportunity by simply not leveraging their  “Title Attributes” and the many integrated broadcasting networks available to further optimize with KeywordSEO.

Edward Mugits, RSS-SEO Marketing Platform Managing Partner, A Feedreader KeywordSEO Exclusive.


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