SEO Content Performance: Common Mistakes

Many of the SEO practitioners focus their attention on the user engagement. Moreover, they consider it as one of the major factors of measuring content success. Contrary to this, according to columnist Ian Bowden this metrics may be delusional and is misleading from the real factors to consider.

According to various studies being conducted, they show that search results are heavily dependent on user’s usage of any website. Google and other search engines make use of link graphs to evaluate the content. From these graphs, it is judged that which of the content is best and is of worth that it should become available to users.

However, such link graphs favor desktops immensely. These graphs do not give appropriate results for mobile usage.

As all of us are well aware of the fact that mobile phones have completely penetrated in our daily lives. Most of the searches are now conducted on mobile phones. Mobile phones have also outnumbered searches that are carried out on desktops.

SEO Content Performance: Common Mistakes 1


Because of this growing trend to access, the performance Google and other search engines must have declined their dependence on link graphs. The link-based method is definitely is not efficient enough. Because if the mobile version of any web page is not as well built like that of the desktop version, the performance will reduce automatically.


What to learn for SEO Content Performance?

So what lesson is to be learned from the above discussion? Marketers should enhance the user experience and in return will gain the benefits on their part as well.

However, the evaluation metrics for measuring user experience are quite ancient. In some situations, they give the reflection to performance as well.

Many of the people are of the view that matrices like low bounce rate and the time spent on the site are the prime factors for measuring content success. However, this is not true in all the cases. It can give the wrong indication as well. These can even prove to be the poor evaluation matrices for performance as well.


Mistakes for SEO Content Performance

Some of the delusions in the matter discussed above are as listed below.

Bounce rate is considered as one the chief user behavioral factor. It is commonly practiced that the pages with high bounce rate are changed by increasing their content. High bounce rate is not an indicator of bad performance all the time. It is quite possible that in the instances when a web page has a high bounce rate it has a strong performance.

It is possible in the case when the web page has provided all the information that user required and he has no further need to use the web page he will only leave the web page. Like if the user is intended to find you address or looking for the news about your upcoming product then a high bounce rate will occur. Moreover, it will mislead from the performance. There are certain ways to decrease the bounce rate.


SEO Content Performance: Common Mistakes 2


The marketers the more the time a user is spending on your website more he will be engaged with your website. That is in turn considered as better performing web page. This factor can also mislead from the actual performance.

However, it is not true all the time. It is possible that the user is spending more time on your website because he is not able to search the content he desires.

SEO Content Performance: Common Mistakes 3


The time spends by a user on a web page is considered by Google as a quality metrics. Search Quality guidelines state that:

With mobile phones, users should be capable of getting the results quickly. As users want the swift and quick response to their request they want immediately what they are looking for.

This factor is also among one of the evaluation metrics for performance. It is a mistake to think that whenever the user visits your website for some information, he will visit the rest of your pages as well. Content is the main key not the average of the pages per visit is.

SEO Content Performance: Common Mistakes 4

Move toward better approach

The above delusions clearly show that they can mislead you from the direction you actually have to be concerned about. Thinking that doing some of the right things for your SEO will bring good to you is not the right decision to make. An efficient strategy will definitely bring you better results.

Integrate your website with Google Analytics today and check what is happening on web pages of your website, from where the visitors are coming from, where they are spending most of the times, why are they causing higher bounce rate and what need to be done to improve the overall user experience.

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