Strategies of Digital Marketing for the Agency of the Future

“Digital marketing,” if we go back and evaluate the era of around two decades ago, this terminology, “Digital Marketing” was never heard or thought of. Everything was available in physical markets with the advertisements done through tangible mediums, all 7Ps of marketing were carried out substantially. However, with the advent and spontaneous capture of internet technology and other digital mediums, businesses including sole proprietors and multi-national companies found marketing far more convenient through digital means, rather than processing physically. It can be said that digital marketing emerged soon after the emergence of technological and digital mediums like mobile phones, the internet, and satellite mediums and so on.

How Digital Marketing Evolved?

In the 1990s, the terminology, Digital Marketing came into being. This all began with the invention of the internet and the establishment of the Web 1.0 platform. The motive behind the Web 1.0 platform is to permit users to search data easily; however, the user was forbidden to share data on the internet. Marketers were unassertive regarding digital platform until the last decade of 19th century. In the commencement of technology, the internet was not the mainstream with which marketers were baffled with the views whether their strategies would work or not about accessing general public digitally. According to Pierre Omidyar, we have the technology, finally, for the first time in human history that allows people to interface and communicate with massive amounts of individuals at a cheaper cost and in less time.

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The earliest banner came on the air in the year 1993 and right after the HotWired has acquired these several advertisements. This incident commenced the digital period of marketing. Time flew swiftly and with time alterations, new technologies were pioneered in association with marketing strategies in the year 1994. This was the year; Yahoo got its launch.

Later, after the emergence of Google, MSN and other renowned webs on the face of the internet, the business and its marketing was supposed to be carried out in association with all the simple search engines. The digital marketing prospered with the passage of time and as a user accessing Internet enhanced.

Another significant landmark in the history of digital marketing history is a cookie. Marketers were pondering over new techniques to take advantage of emerging technology. Their approach stops over the idea of tracing mutual browsing practices as well as used patterns of different users. The motive of the first cookie was to analyze user-practices. Up till now, there are various alterations that are brought in the utilization of cookie to gather literal user data.

There is no doubt that digital marketing is far better than traditional marketing due to multifarious reasons but still there are many things that can be altered for further development. Now the question here arises is that why digital marketing is much more favorable. As we all know that money is not grown on trees, that is why we have to be conscious about it. Therefore, advertisement on the internet is much more favored as compared to the print media because they are cheaper. In general, it is an easy way of communication between the salesperson and the customer. Apart from this, the internet is widely spread due to which it has an extensive range. On the other hand, the worst thing about digital marketing is the regular updating timing which sometimes leads to outdated information.  Moreover, digital marketing should be deal with professionalism otherwise no one will take it seriously.

Everything, developed in this world, has merits as well as demerits. Similarly, Digital Marketing has constructive as well as deleterious aspects. The paramount thing about digital marketing is that the outcomes of digital marketing are simply measurable. For instance, the number of people who visits the website can be checked effortlessly by the advertiser. Also, digital marketing can be personalized as well as this helps to build a better relation with the customer. Another best thing about digital marketing is that it is applicable 24/7 as the website does not require any food or sleep. In contrast to it, we are dwelling in a country where people are free to express their feelings, any deleterious comment or feedback can destroy the brand reputation. In my opinion, the comments should be customized to protect the reputation and the criticism should be optimistically welcomed by the company to embrace positive alterations in the product. Furthermore, people, nowadays, have doubts while observing brands online. They think that this product will not be the same regarding quality in reality that’s why they prefer traditional marketing.  Also, the brand logos were easily being copied to fraud or fool the public. As a result, online reputation of the brand would be devastated.

Digital marketing entirely relies on the strategies of advertisement. Thus, professional approach regarding the strategies needs to be used while dealing with digital marketing. According to Paull Young, inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.

The future digital marketing agencies should embrace the following techniques:

1)    Innovative content should be the priority: According to Marcus Sheridan, Great content is the best sales tool in the world. If the content of the product is attention grabbing, then it will appear in the SEO which will ultimately bring traffic on the website.

2)      Driving Traffic: If the advertisers want their product to be the talk of the town, they need to drive traffic to the website. To drive traffic, the following are the ways.

3)    An Engaging, responsible website: To engage the public, your website should follow the following conditions:

4)    Measured Search Campaigns: Search marketing is final for bringing target consumers to your website; however, whether you implement organic search or paper click advertisement, make sure to monitor your results to protect your budget from sky marketing.

5)    Email Marketing:  Sending consistent well-targeted correspondence is still one of the most efficient ways to grow a relation with the customer especially when used with the customer relationship management system.

6)    Add Social to the Mix: Whenever the size of your business social media can play a key role in building brand awareness, industry authority, targeted traffic as well as excellent customer care.

7) Join the Dots with content writing: The content utilization is the most important part of the digital marketing strategies. Using creative and engaging content, you can coordinate campaigns, plan your publications, organize contributors as well as manage the editorial process.

8) The measure, Tweak, and Improve:  Monitor your progress using web analytics which helps you to retain continued investment by identifying which parts of your strategy is working and what needs amendments.

In my opinion, Digital marketing is an excellent way of advertisement, but there are different disadvantages as well, which needs to be tackled carefully by using innovative techniques of marketing.

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