Think Beyond Google, SEM Strategy Boosts Brand Awareness

What SEM Truly is?

SEM falls under the category of internet marketing. It is related to the designing and building phase of a website. Its primary concern is to get a better rank for the website by improving its position n in SERP’s results. Paid marketing mainly achieves it, which is popularly known as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

SEO is given much more importance than SEM. It is considered throughout the design plan and is kept in mind afterwards as well. However, SEM needs to have the proper attention and focus. As it can be seen from the above figure that SEM results are shown on the top of all SERP’S.

Users nowadays tend to go directly to the intended website and search their required content/product there instead of searching it on the search engines. Users find it easier to use the website directly for the search rather than going through massive search results shown on the search engines. Now it becomes very significant to keep in mind the fact that how the marketers should deal with this trend.

Why is SEM Strategy or Planning Important?

Understanding allegiance and visibility

A new finding has been provided by the search made by BloomReach. This shows that 44% of the users prefer going to the website directly. One such example is Amazon. What is the reason for this trend?

The possible answer is that the users find a much more customised result that matches best with the users search. More authentication can be gathered from the website especially when you are searching for the products to buy. Users can find more insight about the product by reading the reviews from the users that are already using the product. In contrast, search engines provide you plenty of the links for what you searched. Most of the links do not have what user searched for. If someone knows a shortcut to your destination, then no one will take extra steps, which in this case is searching on the search engine.

The equivalent trend was found in Cison report for Pinterest. Users prefer searching directly on the Pinterest than following the traditional ways. The reason for this entire shift is the format of these websites. Much more visual content is shown on these sites. Moreover, this is the format that users prioritise these days.

SEM Strategy

The primary strategy and focus of SEM is to give more attention to their audience better understanding about the specific search they are doing. Moreover, give much less attention to just getting a higher rating in SERP. As by the end of the day users are a top priority and must be put above all the things.

Advantages of SEM Tactics

Some of the benefits and advantages of SEM Techniques are listed below.

The information about where to test the visibility can be obtained by analysing the trend of the audience. Know that where the population is populating you can make your things visible over there. Revise your platforms. If you are involved in the selling business, then try choosing the most popular websites for this purpose. Amazon and eBay are among the prominent places for this purpose.

There are some instances where despite using the appropriate platforms your product does not get sold. One alternative is to use additional information to aid the user by making them know more about the product. You can make these products to sale by renewing your strategy. Platforms like Amazon sale such eBooks, that help developers to gain the information about how to effectively grab your audience attention. You can take help from these types of books and can increase your sales.

Keep the complete track about where the population of the audience is concentrated? Look at the performance of the websites and try getting information about the traffic on these websites. When you will have the latest and up to date information you can wisely choose where to launch your products and what should be your next milestone.



By focusing on SEM Strategy, marketers will not only be able to attract more audience but will gain other benefits as well. These may include the cost effective budget, building the honest view of your business and integrity of your brand.

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