Tips to Combine SEO and Content Marketing

SEO alone cannot make you win a distinction in your business field; it is a reality. The incorporation of quality content writing will help you achieve a benchmark in comparison to your competitors. This will also make you able to win the hearts of the online user accessing your websites.

There was the time when both SEO and content marketing were considered as completely different entities. When content marketing came over the horizon, it was thought as “Replacement of SEO.” However, in reality, both are related and have a significant influence on each other on themselves.  It has no become the necessity that both of the entities should work together.

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Combination of SEO and Content Marketing

Both the entities can work together, but the combination of the two compliments the both. Some of the tips for such a fruitful combination are as follows.

Set the same goals

One of the preliminary steps for the mix of both the entities is to set the same set of common goals for them. When the goals are same, then both of them will work in the direction and with the complete coordination. By this harmony and stability will be achieved. To make their goals same, think about the facts both the entities can overlap on. This will help you make them both the entities work in symphony.

Creating original and quality content  

The tactics like keyword surfing, infrequent content and flooding the website with the words were used in past to gain a good SERP in the search results. Now search engines have launched many of the advanced algorithms take cannot detect these shameful acts, but will also penalize such websites. From the SEO perspective, it is the quality, relevance, and originality of your content that will help to surpass your rivalry.

Establish key performance indicators.

Key performance indicators are the content sharing, links to content, online user engagement, call-to-action conversion rates, and several others. The establishment of KPI’s will link the both entities because it will help to track the performance along with keeping an eye on the achievement of common goals.

Target audience

For any the business to be successful, all the things must be done for the audience to be targeted. Make your strategies according to the varying groups rather than keeping the same approach for all. Age, location, gender, hobbies or interests can be the different types of groups. For this purpose make use of the search data to gain the information about the user interest.

Grow Authorship

Grow your business as it is of equal importance for both SEO and content marketing. When your link is displayed in the search results, it will increase your click through rates tremendously. Although the authorship does not help websites grab better ranking, it will contribute to gain the attention and focus of the target audience.

Google has totally stopped using Authorship in SERPs

Publishing and Promotion

Before publishing your content over the web makes sure that this content is optimized for SEO. Proper use of links and promotions over social media are the two best ways of promotion and publication.

Analyze and Assess

If you have made your content available for the target, have linked it and have used proper keywords then you are not done yet. Continuous monitoring and analysis of the activities must be done. You must take care of the fact that after publicizing your content you must analyze the success of the content and overall interest it is getting from the audience.

Optimize your website content’s title and headings

The title is displayed on the head of the website. It must be descriptive and must attract the users toward it. Headings are the part of the internal content. The heading must be catchy and should make the users go directly to the information users want to know.

Internal link building

Together with the content internal link building helps to grab much more ranking. It will provide aid to users as navigation within the website will be made easy and rapid.

Link building

Link building is another useful way of making SEO and content marketing work together. Link building will increase the overall traffic and click through rates. Content effectiveness will also increase from such things.


Although both SEO and content marketing appear to be different and require different skills, the matter of the fact is they are not stand-alone technologies. The combination of both will help you achieve better goals. It will improve the overall traffic on your website.

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