Top 6 SEO-effective Content Marketing Tools

Today, content marketing becomes much more significant in terms of search engine optimization, than ever before. However, to achieve significant results from the use of these techniques is not as easy as it seems at first glance. To get the most of transitions and fruitful traffic from searches, before embarking on the creation of content, the experts have to make certain technical work, which is often reduced to a collection of semantics.

Content Marketing Tools

In order to speed ​​up these technical processes and to help you finding special tools and services. We present a selection of useful Top 6 SEO-effective tools that will help significantly increase the effectiveness of content marketing, and strengthen the position of sites to ensure sustainable business growth.

1. Squirrly

This tool is SEO-plugin for WordPress. It allows you to work with keywords as you create publications editor. If you need to prepare content that would satisfy the needs of SEO and at the same time would be focused on real users, Squirrly is the perfect find. The plugin allows you to not only optimize the content, but also to measure its effectiveness for search engine results and SERPs.

In Squirrly account dashboard you can find quite number of different instruments, but the functionality to work with keywords (Keyword Research Tool) is one of the most valuable, useful and powerful tool, use of which can indeed improve their efficiency.

The tool allows you to identify and select the most relevant thematic keyword queries at the stage of writing. It also allows you to find keywords that are used to promote competition resource.

In addition, Squirrly shows key phrases from search trends - it is very useful for creating popular content, which users often share on social networks.

2. Keywords Planner from Google

Initially keyword planner was created to provide the most efficient configuration of contextual advertising with pay per click. However, today it is used for the collection of semantics in SEO, and to improve the content marketing strategies.

To date, the tool implemented three important features that can be very useful for marketers. It is primarily:

  1. Find new keyword ideas and to create ad groups. Functionality can be used not only for purely promotional purpose, but also for the generation of ideas for content development stage. When you enter a keyword in the search box tool, it will show new versions of words borrowed from the search. Looking through the list of new keywords, you can find a lot of new ideas for creating content.
  2. In addition, the keyword planner can accurately determine the amount of searches for each word from the list .This will provide an opportunity to assess the degree of popularity of each keyword individually, following these statistics for the month and identify the degree of competitiveness of each query.The indicator is known to be high, medium and low. It has particular importance when you run a campaign PPC, when the price rate depends on the competitive request. The study will allow statistics to compile a list of keywords, other than high volume of searches and low competition. Such keywords are most effective for content marketing.
  3. The lists contain a large number of keywords, can provide a wealth of ideas for content marketing. Using the tool, you can create new combinations of keywords that have not yet been used by competitors. The easiest way to do this by entering keywords in the different columns. Technique will develop a list of key phrases that are suitable for the promotion of low-frequency queries. In content marketing, this approach works just perfectly.

Top 6 SEO-effective Content Marketing Tools 1

3. Google Trends

Google Trends shows the popularity of a particular search term for a certain period of time. Using the service, you can determine how often users search using specific keywords, and how it was carried out from the vertical.

The tool allows you to see which keywords are best to use, solving a specific task. It also makes it possible to track the performance of different keywords in the interests of the region. Google Trends now include a lot of additional tools for advanced analysis of the search. Among them: Top , Popular YouTube, leaders, politicians, celebrities etc.. Features of service allow you to track the dynamics of popular request in the form of summary charts and graphs, view the popularity of the regions, to explore new searches and trends.

For example, Google Trends can be very useful, if you try to chase through keywords found using the keywords Planner. With this approach, Google Trends will show requests to gain popularity. The service also will list associated with each specific keyword search phrases that will look for additional opportunities to create new content.

For example, if you type in the search box the service of "content marketing" Google Trends will offer the following list of similar keywords with a large volume of search queries:

Top 6 SEO-effective Content Marketing Tools 2

Google Trends is simply irreplaceable in the development phase to create a marketing campaign calendar publications a year. This is largely due to the fact that the tool shows the trend queries, gaining popularity in certain seasons. And this trend tends to repeat itself.


Of course, the development of content-promotion strategy should not rely on only one Google Trends Statistics. And yet, this is a great way to see what topics people are discussing the most actively.

4. Content Explorer from Ahrefs

One of the most effective ways to create quality content on the site is to ensure to find the content that is best spreading by users, to analyze it and try to create something similar in structure and / or content. Tool Content Explorer from Ahrefs help implement this strategy.

With the help of this tool, an internet marketer can research publications and other materials that are most readily divided among themselves, users of social networks and services. Content Explorer also analyzes the keywords used in these publications, as well as analyzes the structure of the pieces of content, allowing the specialist to create similar materials for distribution.

This approach will provide an opportunity to beat the competition in terms of PR (Page Rank) and or at least narrow the gap.

The tool is incredibly easy to use: simply enter a keyword in the search box and the Content Explorer will display a list of keywords, content that contains the most actively spreading on the Internet.

Below is a screenshot with the results for "content marketing"

Top 6 SEO-effective Content Marketing Tools 3

5. Google Analytics

It is not enough just to create a quality publication. It is important to continuously measure its effectiveness in terms of return on investment (ROI). Will the well-known to all industry professionals services Google Analytics is one of the best and free traffic analysis tool.

Traffic statistics can be used for a variety of other tasks, such as generating new ideas, targeting, optimization, analysis, trying new types of content and so on.


Creating account on Google Analytics is very simple and easy. All you need is to use your GMail account to use Google free services. The best feature of using GMail is you don't need to create seperate accounts for different services, 1 account can cover all Google services and apps.

For instance, Google Analytics will help you understand what content is published on the site are most popular among users. The principle of tracking is simple: to get reports click "Behavior" you must go to the tab "Site Content", then select "All pages".

The table of results will look something like this:



This free tool is designed to quickly locate keywords that Google users often include in their requests. uses automatic data prompts of Google and provides its customers with lots of ideas to find new keywords. By using this keyword tool, you can develop up to 750 variants of keywords to promote the low-frequency queries. Currently supports 83 languages ​​of the world and collects data from 194 domains belonging to Google.

Moreover, the tool allows users to export data about keywords in a special table, where you can then carry out a check on the keywords related queries and break them down by category.

The result of the tool may appear, for the same example keyword "Content Marketing" as follows:


Working with the right tools, you can greatly improve the strategy of content marketing for your website or blog, and significantly increase the organic traffic coming to life and ultimately increase your revenue and achieve your goals.

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