Top Reasons Why Google Suspends Local Listings

In today’s rapidly changing global world, online presence for every business is necessary to compete in the market. Google My Business is such a platform for business owners to make an online presence for their business. To make an online presence through Google My Business, it is necessary for business owners to list their business on Google My Business. Listing a business on Google My Business is not easy as it requires business owners to fulfil the guidelines provided by Google. Even if you get listed on Google My Business and other Google platforms like Google Maps and Google+, there is always a chance that your account might get suspended because of violation of Google’s guidelines. Google will not tell you why your account is suspended but you can get an idea about the possible cause of suspension by reading the reasons given in this article.

Before looking at reasons for suspensions, let us understand the types of suspensions are there. Generally speaking, there are two types of suspensions, one is soft suspension and the other is hard suspension. Soft suspension is the type of suspension in which the owner loses the right to manage his/her listing. In this suspension, the listing is not removed from Google Maps and Google+, it only becomes unverified. This is because of the reason that you broke some rule of Google My Business. The listing can be re-verified if the owner follows guidelines of Google My Business and applies for listing again.

The other type of suspension is hard suspension. This is the type of suspension in which the business listing is completely removed from Google Maps and Google+ and the account can only be reinstated but it is a rare case. In this type of suspension, all data even the photos and reviews are also removed.

Reasons why Google suspends local listings:

According to the guidelines of Google, the business listings are suspended on the basis of following reasons:

According to the guidelines of Google, the business name must not contain any irrelevant or unnecessary information like taglines, product information, website URL etc. The business name should be simple like Google and should not contain any irrelevant information like Google Inc. - The above example can lead to the suspension of the business listing because it contains website URL in the name of the business which is a violation of guidelines of Google.

Google’s guidelines clearly define that there should not be any redirecting URL in the website or Google My business Listing. This may include numbers and email ID’s or website URL’s which may redirect to some other link or page.

The guidelines for service-area businesses are different from those of product-based businesses. As per the guidelines of Google My Business, the service-area businesses should have only one page for their head office and from that point; they can designate their service areas. Other guidelines for the service-area businesses are that the service areas mentioned in the listing should clearly state their working hours and the staff should be present on the service areas to receive customers in those working hours.

According to the guidelines, online-only businesses cannot create a local page; they should make a Google+ brand page instead. This is because there is no in-person contact in online businesses and the Google maps lists only those businesses which have a physical store front where people can go and meet with business owners and staff. So, if you’ll try to list an online-only business without a physical store front, your listing will be suspended.

According to the guidelines, businesses with temporary virtual offices are not eligible for listing unless these offices are staffed during normal business hours. So, if you’ll ever try creating a business page for your temporary virtual office without proper staff, the listing will be suspended.

According to the guidelines, businesses which harm other people are not eligible for listing on Google+ such as business of fireworks due to which other people might be harmed. The business of gun shop is also not allowed by Google+, therefore it will get suspended if anyone tries to create a page for it.

According to the guidelines, if you operate meetings or classes at a location which you don’t own, you cannot create a business page for that location. If you’ll try to create a page for a location like above, your page will be suspended.

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