Top SEO Mistakes: Website Business is Not as Easy as it Seems.

What is SEO??

SEO is a set of techniques, methodologies and strategies to acquire a high-ranking placement in search results of a search engine (SERP) and thereby increasing the amount of visitors and the total traffic to the web page.

The place of a web page is crucially important as it determines the amount of traffic that will get on that particular landing page, because it is a common practice of the users to see the links that are displayed on the first page of results.

SEO help in obtaining any site a better ranking and also ensures to make it visible to the users easily.


Homer Simpsons Made a Mistake


Some Common SEO Mistakes

Time has gone when websites were considered just a platform.

Nowadays it has become the necessity of any business for better publicity, easy access and increased audience-ship. Some of the mistakes are so common and most of the people are making them without even noticing their consequences.

I would like to discuss common SEO mistakes which are sometimes made with intentions or even unintentionally.


It is done to populate the web page with words and phrases for which you think you will get more traffic. It is thought that it will improve the ranking of website, but that is not the case.

Previously this technique was successful and many web developers used it for a long time.

Now the things have really changed. Search engines especially Google has come up with such algorithms that prioritize high-quality content than a low one.

Google’s Panda algorithm identifies keyword stuffing.

Once it has been identified then it results in negative consequences.


Apart from keyword stuffing the use of exact and appropriate word is highly important.

Write and choose the words from viewer’s perspective.

SEO Keywords are also responsible for the search engine spiders and crawlers attraction.

And most importantly they play a key role in attracting the traffic.

For example, if there is some website related to photography then instead of using the keyword that is more descriptive according to photography guide, you use dating service as a keyword, that will be not be appealing.


Leaving the title tag is a very common mistake.

This is not only the place where SEO looks for the keyword, but it is also the title of your page that will be seen to user in search engine results when you search for something.

Leaving it empty brings problem for optimization.

The title of the most important pages must be specified and the <title> section of every page and must be unique.


There was a time when Meta tag was considered one of the factors for the ranking of a website or web page but the things have undergone a drastic change now.

Descriptions and keywords can be specified, but these cannot be considered as the merits that will increase the ranking.


Flash based websites might look attractive but they have problems.

They are neither readable for search engines nor friendly for users anymore.

Users really do not pay attention to the notification like update or install flash player then what is the point of your website like this?

Even then if someone is really intended to make the website in Flash its HTML version must be available for better optimization and for more traffic as well.


There was a trend of keeping the pages content short, but now SEO prefer lengthy pages.

That does not mean to populate the website with keywords without the proper attention.

Instead of flooding the website with keywords irrespective of their relevance with the overall data; publish only relevant and high quality of data.

Google wants to look that content that people find is more usable, so this factor must be given proper attention.


People think that pages that have images and embedded videos are much better than the simple pages.

That really stands true for SEO.

SEO give more importance to h1, h2 tags.

People do not like these tags because of appearance, but that can be adjusted using style sheets.

Images cannot be used as a substitute of text, but IMG ALT attribute must be given to provide information to Search Engines what the image is about.


If success is to be achieved then there must be proper updating of the content.

Changes in the ranking algorithm must be kept in mind and then according to that maintain the website.

Don't post thousands of Posts or Articles in 1 day and take a rest for 1 year.


It is a common practice that developers buy so many links for their website because they think the number of the links is important.

However in reality it is the quality of inbound link that matters to SEO.

And after Google updated to Penguin algorithm it is really waste of money to buy links.

The way out to this problem is to give attention to your content and earn links by yourself.


Most of the websites are constructed by keeping only Google in mind, but there are many other search engines as well.

Though Google is a huge search engine, but users use variety of search engines.

So any website must be created to keep in mind this aspect.

So that it can gain maximum traffic in all of the search engines.


Linking is the important factor for SEO.

Developers just start linking the website to any sort of the links without considering the quality of links.

But for SEO it is not the number of the links that matters but it is their quality. Broken links are such type of links that do not direct you toward the intended direction.

*click here to look then years younger*

The use of such hyperlinks is completely useless.

These type of links only have negative consequences.


Copying someone else intellect and work was once considered to be a crime.

Now it has become a common practice and people copy the whole of content from somewhere and claim it to be their own.

SEO audit find all such acts.

If someone is found to be accused, that website is completely ripped off from Search Engine Results.


There are two possibilities about duplication.

Either there is a duplication of content repeatedly over the same page or the duplication of the same content over the multiple pages.

These cases puts several problems for search engine like which of the version is to be included or excluded from index, which of the version to be retrieved for search query.

Such problems result in lower rankings.


If the content of website is difficult then it will be totally non-recognizable for crawler.

As a result of which it could not be added to index.

So no one will be having the view of your website.


For moving from one page to other the title of the link plays a quite important role.

As it reflects the theme of the web page at which you are going to be directed.

So the title must be meaningful!

The links like click here, read more or click to see are examples of total waste and thus result in lower ranking.


Social media has become the most widely spread means of transferring the information.

The absence of association with the social media greatly affects the ranking.


One of the biggest mistakes made is the complete absence of marketing plan.

However to be successful for any sort of business requires complete and proper planning with the maintenance as well.



If you want your business to do well and to think to get maximum traffic at your website then try avoiding all the mistakes listed above.

These are quite easy to overcome and have a long lasting and fruitful result for your business for getting organic traffic to your website.

Article Written by: Sidra Aleem

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