Using Customer Reviews and Ratings for SEO

Have you ever heard about positive word of mouth? If yes, than you know how important positive word of mouth can be for businesses. It’s an open reality that positive word of mouth can be very beneficial in influencing other people to convert to your business. Customer reviews and ratings can play the same part as positive word of mouth for your online business. This is evident from the research which shows that more than 70% online users are influenced by customer reviews and ratings.

You can also take example of yourself, when downloading a particular movie, you first check its rating and if the ratings and reviews about the movie predict that it is a good movie, you download it otherwise you skip downloading of that movie. Same is the case in purchasing, where most online users read reviews about a product and if the reviews predict that the product is good, the user is more likely to purchase your product.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can use customer reviews and ratings for SEO. More positive customer reviews and ratings about your product will result in high conversion rate. There are many ways to use reviews for SEO like accepting and publishing reviews on your own business website or using reviews on other websites.

Accepting and publishing reviews on your own website:

You can accept and publish reviews of customers regarding your product or service on your own website. This can increase the visibility of your business online and can also be helpful in the ranking of your website. The users visiting your website can see what other customers have to say about your product and these influencing reviews can increase your click through rate and in-turn conversion rate.

You can use reviews in two ways on your website; the first is to use embedded reviews and the other is to use dedicated page reviews.

If you have a large business with lots of products, you might want to use embedded reviews on each of your product’s page. Embedded reviews can be very beneficial because they show individual product reviews and not reviews about the overall business. You can take example of mobile manufacturer like Samsung which offers many mobile phones and needs reviews about every single mobile and very few reviews about the overall business.

Dedicated review page is more beneficial for small businesses or businesses with fewer products. You can take example of a distributor who wants reviews about its overall business performance. In this case, dedicated review page is better instead of embedded reviews.

Opportunities created for keyword usage with on-site reviews:

The reviews on your own business website create opportunities for using keywords for your business. You can use specific keywords to highlight some of the good reviews about your brand. This can help in ranking of your business online as Google will display your website whenever online users will type specific keywords related to your business.

Reviews on third-party website:

Reviews on your own website are not the only type of reviews that can be used for SEO. Reviews on other third-party websites can also increase your ranking online. Better reviews about your product can influence people to turn to your product and can increase your conversion rate. With better reviews you’ll also have a chance to get listed on Google’s local 3-pack.

Brand Ratings by Google:

With better reviews, you can get better ranking from Google. This is done through the process of Micro formatting. With micro formatting, you can share reviews about your product with Google and Google will rate your brand after analyzing the reviews. Good rating can increase the click through rate of your website. Suppose, if Google rates your brand 4.5 out of 5, users are more likely to open your webpage.

Customer reviews and ratings can be very good for your SEO visibility but it cannot guarantee high increase in your website’s online ranking. Still it can provide slight improvement in your online visibility and ranking. Whether or not it increases your ranking, reviews and ratings are still important for your business. You should try to increase the better reviews about your product.

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