Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of your Link Building

Link building refers to the process through which number of inbound links to a webpage is increased. Link building is done for the purpose of better search engine ranking of a webpage or a website. Link building is still very important tool for website owners to increase their search engine ranking but it is a bit difficult to build good links these days.

Google gives good weightage to these links and sends traffic to your website. As good link building is not easy these days and most of the links built are junk, the conversion rate is very low these days.

In this article, I will share some ways through which you can boost the conversion rates of your link building but first, you should know what are the two parts of link building?

Link Building Campaign Parts

Link building campaigns usually have two parts; one is your content and the other is promotion. Good link building requires good content because people are easily convinced to link with your webpage when the content of the website is good.

The other part is promotion which generally means email promotion. Suppose if you have written a good webpage and you want people to link with it, you would email the person and ask him to link with it. This is called e-mail promotion. Both parts of link building are important but my focus will be on email outreach to boost the conversion rates.

Some ways which can boost the conversion rates of link building are:

  1. Send a good outreach e-mail:

Suppose you wrote a very good blog and you want to build good links to that blog, you now have to outreach other bloggers who have same category articles or blogs. But most of the time when you’ll email other bloggers, you will not get any replay. You are thinking why getting a reply is so difficult although I have written a very good blog. The answer is simple, you are not the only one who emailed that blogger and you used a bad e-mail message. Now the question arises what was wrong with your e-mail even when you used polite language. The answer is that you either used very fishy language which shows that you only need a link or you sent link of your blog in the e-mail. These are the signs of a bad outreach e-mail.

How link building can be improved?

The outreach e-mail can be improved by using e-mails with less fishy language like don’t say I love your blogs, instead use specific topic of the blog you want a link from. Take an example such as I loved your blog on social media marketing. This first line creates a feeling of trust showing that you are not e-mailing for the link only. This will increase the chances of getting a link.

The other method which can be used to improve the outreach e-mail is not to use a link of your blog in the first email. Be patient, once you have convinced the blogger that you are not after the link only, then you can send links (URL’s) of your blog in second e-mail. This method is useful for long-term relations.

  1. Write short emails:

The second way you can use boost your link building campaign is to write short e-mails. Don’t write big e-mails of 1000-1200 words because bloggers get hundreds of link requests in a day and they don’t have time to read them and when they’ll see an e-mail of 1000 words, they won’t read the email and most probably will delete the e-mail. So, this will end your chance of getting links from most of the bloggers. You can increase the chances of getting links by using short e-mails with concise message. Note that the message should be concise and should also meet the purpose for what it was written for.

  1. Don’t ask for much work:

Suppose someone asks you to give your phone to him for one minute because he wants to make an urgent call. You will give the phone most probably but what if someone asks you to give him your phone for one hour, you’ll never give him. Same is the case with the bloggers, if you’ll ask for too much they will not give anything. It is obvious that you are e-mailing to get a link and you’ll have to ask for it at some point in your conversation. But the right thing is to ask for a link in a manner that can’t be denied. The right thing is to ask for a link indirectly and never ask for a link directly. Take an example like you wrote, “Here is a link of my blog (URL). Please link it from your website.” This text shows you are asking for too much. Most of the bloggers will not link to it because they will have to see your content first, then they will have to find a page related to your blog to link to your blog.

  1. Target the right people for e-mail outreach:

You will not get any link if you are targeting the wrong bloggers. An example of wrong targeting is that you wrote a blog on best dealers of cars and you e-mail bloggers that have blogs on cats. This type of targeting can ensure 0% links. You have to target the right bloggers which have blogs related to your blog. This cannot guarantee the links but will increase the chances of getting links.

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